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april 18th

would you please care to explain why did you leave christ so we can also reconsider our options? It would be a great help really......
it is one of the good colleges under if u eager to join this year only, u can go for it........
take ur call and decide.....

would you please care to specify "good" in what sense? Is it faculty,placements,campus or just hearsay??
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hey g/puys,
i have been selected in christ-banglore.But am still not decided whether i should really go 4 it or ........Anyway i don't have any other options.Should i drop it?I have heard it is like a "ok" college.pls advise

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nikunjg89 Says
These things happen in atleast every B-School (names can not be disclosed bcoz top ranking institutes are also there). But personally telling, I have never seen any such ad which contains the name of Christ...

In the ads they would never tell you the name of Christ or any other college for that matter.They would mention like "management quota seats in reputed colleges".When you call them to inquire they will ask you to name the college of your choice and they will quote their price.It is just like going to a restaurant and ordering.Only difference is that here you do it over the phone
can u tell me to which colleges u have u applied and which exams had u given??what was ur score??

i had given mat,cat,snap,xat
i scored 705(95 percentile) in mat and applied to christ bangalore
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samy4187 Says
do give the no.... we don't get any christ ads in the newspaper in our area... so plzzz help us out...

sorry buudy,i can't make someone rich while i wallow myself in poverty
Trust me, try to glance through any of national dailies atleast once for a change. You will surely come across the information that you need:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hey puyz,
In response to an advt., my friend called a "counsellor" a couple of days back for "admission guidance".Needless to say he wanted to join Christ MBA.Following is the unedited information he gained from the "counsellor".
1.GD and PI are still going on for those who are interested in the "remaining seats" provided you can pay "Rs X" for the seat.

2.Doesn't matter if ur MAT score is less than 600(my friend's MAT score is way below 600) or your Graduation score is below par,you can still study MBA in Christ.

3.No need to worry that GD/PI session is over,they can arrange with their "sources".

4.Importantly,those who can cough up "Rs X" their "GD/PI" would be conducted IN THE COLLEGE.Results on the same day.(you will get the seat of course)

5.Currently, Rs X amounts to Rs7-8 Lacs.Tution fees extra.The earlier you pay the better will be the bargain.

So those of you who are well to do and wants to study in Christ and also those of you who were rejected and/or overlooked in the original GD/PI you can still have another go.Thank me later!!!!
N.B.-People who want to verify the above info can call any of the numbers given daily in the newspapers under the caption "MANAGEMENT QUOTA SEATS" much for "strict and rigorous admission procedure for Christ MBA"

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Shahnawaz2010 Says
Yes you are right on that part, they should not ask for the whole 1st year fee in one shot! But then they had mentioned about this in the first place at their website. Overall the fee of Christ general MBA is quite good if you compare with other good MBA colleges. ATB buddy!! :thumbsup:

during d interaction with d director when i asked him about the reason for doing so ,he was evasive in front of all parents and students.
rahukool Says
I was wait listed for the Main Campus before,but now got selected......even i am confused now about joining :lookround: because the initial fees we pay cannot be refunded.I had applied to BIMM as well but they are taking a hell lot of time.Seems like i have to forget that go ahead with christ.

"........Seems like i have to forget that go ahead with christ"
This is the exact reason why we have to pay the fees within such a short period of time.They are literally forcing us to join them hence leaving us with no choice whatsoever.
Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
_(Photo credit: Luca Boldrini)_ Final admission results for India's top business school have started pouring in since yesterday. *XLRI School of Business and Human Resources* The XLRI School of Business

hey puyz, first of all, congrats 2 all of u who are selected into these "hallowed" institutions.2010 was my 1st and last attempt in my quest for MBA.From the beginning of the session i knew its either this year or.....probably never.In fact even during my school days i knew i had 2 do MBA,even though i wasn't sure abt my field in graduation!!!!!!.You can call me either mega-stupid or mega-motivated.Huge amount of money spent in coaching classes and app forms( thanks 2 last date of submission of form 1 day before results),i knew i just can't afford 2 spend again in the next year.MAT,CAT,SNAP,XAT----I gave them all.But i always knew on which side my bread was buttered.Results followed and they were as xpected.XAT was the biggest dissapointment (so it was 4 most of the aspirants).But one thing i learned during this intervening period is that perseverance and relentless pursuit of dreams and also a bit of intelligent planning goes a long way in getting your dream b-school(not necessarily IIMs).Maybe i faltered a bit along the way.Maybe i didn't.But i can surely say,hand on my heart,i am satisfied with my end result.Maybe i aspired for the moon but landed in one of the brightest star.Again congrats 2 all of u who have cleared the calls and also 2 those of you who put up a decent fight for the seats!!!!!Also PAGALGUY rocks.It has been of immense help. Future IIM grads please don't become effing snobs and b!tches.Such behavior is not at all appreciated,even if you all thought otherwise. P.S.- I am starting my MBA classes from June within 1 week of my end semester exams(of my B.Tech).The name of the college doesn't matter 2 you all since i am happy with my decision!!!!!!