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Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP
@ggaurav86 As of now, consider the last mail sent to you as binding.
If your chances are reconsidered, we'll let you know.

Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP

Hello All,

I am extremely sorry that such changes have been made in the criteria after calls have been given. The minimum cutoff criteria should have been looked into earlier. We truly regret that so many applicants have been disheartened. There's not much that we as student coordinators can do regarding this as such decisions are taken by the management.
I will speak to the concerned decision makers and update here if any positives developments take place.

Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP
@Rakesh911 said:
Hi, I am preparing for phase 2 of selection procedure. Just want to know what should I answer if they ask me, 'Why IIT Kharagpur?' then what should be my genuine response?

This is a genuine query and you can try to figure out how and why you would fit into VGSoM IIT-KGP.

You can say you would like to be a part of the IIT culture, the IIT brand.... you can interact with other departments and have effective peer learning ...
VGSoM placements is known to offer consulting, operations ,pre-sales profiles traditionally...
Also you can talk about club activities, events academics and similar stuff.
Kindly go through our website for the same.

Currently we are busy with our mid-semester examinations... Soon we will update you in details on 'why vgsom' ...:)
Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP
@saurabhlumarrai said:
sauvik sir...just one thing-can you please elaborate why the waitlist movement were very less last year when VGSOM used to have significant waitlist movement.I remember you are in the admission committee last year also.
Saurabh Sir, I am still a part of the committee. You can check my signature. Only difference is that now I am in my 2nd year.
Yes, we had some difficulties due to which we were unable to call another waitlist. Me and the other adcom members were not in campus for our summer internships. So we personally couldn't do much about it. Lot's were discussed & debated last year and this is not the correct thread for discussing it. I would suggest you concentrate on this year's process.
Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP

1. I can't comment on the seat to call ratio but historically there has been significant waitlist movement here which should favour you eventually.
Last year we had several difficulties and the number of seats filled up or the waitlist movements were less. There were some exceptional circumstances which resulted in this.
I personally think if you perform well at the GD/PI stage you may have a very good chance here.

2. At the later stages, GD/PI results would matter the most. But the profile would definitely continue to affect your overall chances of admission. Understand that even in the PI, you are likely to be asked some questions on your profile. So it would surely matter.

3. In my knowledge you can take a print out of the email attachments in case you don't get a courier mail. I believe dj1088/legendtim would be able to answer this better.

Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP
@staaalinnn said:
@MasterOfTheTige and yes they just want to raise some good bucks from this type of process...

Dear Staaalinnn & others making similar comments,

Please be very careful about what words you use.
We have declared a minimal CAT score of 95 percentile as an eligibility criteria precisely because we do not want excess applications.
On top of that, female candidates were not charged any application fee.
If making good money was our priority, we would never have taken these decisions.

I can understand people being disappointed, frustrated and hurt by the results. After having prepared, taken the CAT exam and having applied, if several colleges reject you, it's understandable that one might lose his cool.
It's unfortunate that many good candidates are lost even when calls are profile based.

There are many people who don't get shortlisted by many colleges despite scoring 99.xx .
I am not undermining anyone but trust me, I myself have seen much tougher times than this.
It's not easy to score 96.xx either but you don't need to have magical powers for it.
All I can say is, come back harder next year. All the best for your future endeavors.

Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP
@moup said:
@legendtim /others - Do present students have any information about any applicant's personal information at any stage of the selection process?
Hello Moup,

Be rest assured that none of us have the time/curiosity/access to any personal information of any applicant. Feel free to share your details on the application form. It's created by the central IIT-KGP, is being used for many years and we don't have any roles there.
Still, if you are much afraid of students hacking your personal info, I think you better not fill up the form.
I hope that answers this query and similar doubts.

Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP

Hi All,

I think many of you are a little confused with the 'references' column.
As such references are generally needed if there's some discrepancy in the information you have provided. It should not be an issue for you as long as you are honest.

Ensure you put the names of people who can vouch for you and are of a stature or designation above you.

Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP

Hello All,

I see quite a few queries on sectional cutoffs and on entering scores for board exams.
Here's what we as admissions committee have to say:

1. Sectional cutoffs were not considered last year but this year we may consider. However the decision would also rest on the quality of applications. If we are losing out on many good profiles due to sectional cutoffs, we may not consider them this year as well.

2. For class 10th & 12th level scores, enter the percentage on the basis of the method followed by your board. For example, ICSE/ISC should follow English + best 4/3

I hope this helps. Would also request people to redirect to this post in case further queries are asked here on these issues.

Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP
@dj10888 said:
Dear aspirants,This is to notify that there has been a recent development regarding the CAT cut off. After detailed discussion ,the faculty coordinators have decided that this year VGSOM will consider a minimum overall cut off. Although the calls will be profile based, a candidate will need to secure a minimum cut off (mentioned below)to be eligible for online application :General : 95 percentileSC/ST/PH/OBC : 83.125 percentileBest of luck to all who are eligible.PS: I apologize for our previous replies which were made considering the situation prior to this latest update.

I would like to to add to what has been said here. The 95 percentile (SC/ST/PH/OBC : 83.125) score is a minimum eligibility criteria. We would not consider scores below it. This is not a cutoff as such. The last candidate may have a slightly higher score than 95 percentile.
The overall CAT scores, sectionals and profile of the candidate would be evaluated.

We are trying to provide you with a clearer picture of the admission process so that you can take informed decisions. Hope this helps all applicants.
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Sauvik Seal | Admissions Committee | VGSOM IIT-KGP