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MANJARI KUMARI @manjarikumari
Which of the following countries is not a member of Asian Clearing Union? 1.Maldives 2.Nepal 3.Indonesia 4.India 5.Pakistan
Nishant @nikskrish
which among the following online giants has launched the 'Digital Will' 1) Yahoo 2) GOOGle 3) Microsoft 4) Apple
Eklavya d1 @shreyas1best
what is 1- green revolution(rev^n) ? 2- grey revn? 3- pink revn ? 4 round revn? 5-silver revn ? 6-blue revn ?
saurav sinha @sauravsi

1- green revolution(rev^n) == agriculture 2- grey revn? == Fertilizer 3- pink revn ? === prawns/onions 4 round revn?==Potato 5-silver revn ?==Cotton 6-blue revn ?==Fishing/Marine

Converted .

Initially was at WL 8 after the last conversion of 26 April

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Hi friends !
I am joining IMT-G (FT). Can any one throw some light on summer placements? I could not find anything about the same..

Summer Placement reports for 2011-13

Summer Internship Placement Report of Batch 2011-2013.
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New IIMs are expected only after 4 may as IIM K will publish their results on 4 and newer ones are somehow dependent on it

By the way what is the deadline given to the new converts for taking admission

DanRay Says
Called up the admin yesterday. They say the next movement might be up around the 5th of May. Don't treat this as a confirmation, though.

Any hint they have given as of how much would the waitlist will move this time.

"People who converted MDI or TISS if there are any will leave SIBM Pune."

What u guys think about this ?

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sid871 @ WL 1
syams1990/faizah010 @ w/l 5
DanRay @WL 8
balendu.shekhar @WL 10
sauravsi @ WL 14
aviewtoakhil @ WL 19
RNIE @WL 22(joined Great Lakes)

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syams1990 Says
But what about obtaining the transfer and migration certificate? I dont think the would be issued to us in a short notice of time!!!

And also the induction prog.
As they carry some credit score ,how will it be managed for those who are late converts