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Hey Puys - I am considering applying for Simon for their 15th March deadline ? Please suggest is it advisable in terms of securing a schol ?

Also, r their any requirements for financial documents to be submitted at time of application ?

Toughest wait now continues !

Does anyone knows if R2 applicants can get a rolling offer/reject as well !

Since a bench mark is already decided by R1 offers....can offers roll out before the actual date ?

Hello Puys,

Time to give back to the forum :)

Had my interview was a very light dose..don't know what to make of it....

After I talked about my profile.....based on their first question.....

Everything revolved around...why MBA, why ISB, why this profile ....

U already got a job in similar profile with present qualifications...why ISB ?

Then based on I interest in market research, I was given a case study on how would I increase car sales of a particular brand seven folds.....

I guess they they were happy with my qualitative approach but wanted more on quatitative side as well......

Don't know what to make of was so cool and conversational.....last may be 30 mins......

No other questions EC , hobbies etc........short term long term all covered in above questions.......

GMAT 700

IIM 2.5 and rest MR 3.5 yrs....

I guess one younger looking guy was an alum, other elderly person could be a prof or idea....both we very nice and gave enff time for me to answer.

Obviously, feel now that I could have answered some stuffs better....but have to wait to know more

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Hey Abhay,

I too recd a call with Interview location Hyd(BGL), though my Interview pref was Hyd (MUM)...strange, but the interview call itself is an awesome New Year's gift!!

Probably we can prep strategies etc...PM me.

Take Care.

i got a call with hyd when i chose bgl.....i m slotted for 7th jan....

hey Aritro....whats your profile...

also did u show a sales n marketing interest in ur essays.....why an insurance sales question ?


saads1999 Says
Are you a 2012 applicant?

No i am not a 2012 applicant, was just going thru last year posts, and got to know abt this after i submitted my app....

how about urself....whats ur take on this ??
isb2012 Says
I did not think that was a 'reco' from the Alum. The alum can refer one to adcom so the completeness of the profile can be ascertained prior to hitting SUBMIT. Thats all I thought. Else this can disadvantage other applicants, just by not knowing an alum, imo.

I dnt think it will be disadvantage to anyone cuz anyone who can get a third 100 word reco from a ISB alum could have also got it as a regular first two essays.

Its just an additional 100 words from a Alum as to what he thinks about candidate's fitment for ISB ?

Puys please pour in your thoughts, any one from R1 ?

Hello All !

I have a question......

though we dont see provision of a third reco on the Application we submitted,

i came across one link goin thru last year's thread. This is specifically for an ISB alum to recommend a candidate's work under him.

This link cannot be found on the website as well........

Has anyone used this option this year, if yes please throw some light on it !!


manan.puri Says
done..its over 3390 now!!

100 applications an hour !!!

Four hundred more to go i guess :biggrin:

Without a loo break......posting the app no : 1332XX

Hoping for the best .......the page said it might take 2 weeks to complete the app review process......people keep posting about the i/v callls