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hello friends...
I m in a fix this time around and need ur help...
I took CAT 07(82) and XAT08 (93) SNAP 07 (77) but could not perform well in my interviews of SCMHRD, SIIB (vague WL), and GIM. And a WL 15 in SITM which is not cleared in 1st list.

Now having over full-time exp of 34 months post Engg. i m like back to square one where i was last year from where i started my prep. apart from the workexp figure nothing has changed.
if possible could anyone of u let me know what whould be the best strategy i shud adopt.
if any gud inst where i can still apply. I know it is a reduntant qs. but still if possible keeping my profile in mind plz suggest me some options.

thanks !!!

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u wont feel low being SITMn

Can u tell plz that on what basis the comparision was done.

avg and medians are far above SITM and the batch strength in SITM is 3.5 time more :(

plz clarify

The link for online admission will be activated by the end of this week.
No, The profiles of the applicants will not be sent to Virginia Tech for screening, as
Virginia Tech relies on SP Jain's screening process for this program.

I fully agree with you for the fact that there is no point in discussing individual chances as it is profile based calls.

But I would like to ask you one thing that most of us has applied for the PGDM course of SPJain as well, where also the profile based calls were thrown out and most of us could not have got the desired results. So is it like that our profile dosent fit to Inst standards. I know that it depends upon the number of applicants, but if we have some reference then it will be great.

Could you please give the current batch's reference so that we can analyse ourselves till the link is up.

P.S: In the website only class of 08 profile is present.


Ahhhaaa !!!

After a long wait finally the admission notification has arived. :)
but still when you try to apply online it is saying that the "Link will be activated soon". :(

Seniors could ou please look into this. Is it some website problem or the inst has not zeroed for the application form.

Seniors I would like to ask you that whether for this course as well SPJAIN will give more preferance to Profile only ? Because after seeing the GD list for PGDM course it was very unclear that what exactly the Inst wants and it was like Written exam didnot have any value :(.

I also came to know that the profiles of the shortlisted students are sent to Virginia Tech for screening purpose is it true ?


I m selected...
rest of the details will be mailed!!!!!!!!

1st final call of the season...

Sorry, there does not appear to be any match for the XAT id you have entered.
We thank you for your interest in GIM and its programme and wish you well in your career.

this is what i get...
seems the hopes are over for me...

congrats to all who got selected
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hi kentech
myself rahul. i have some quries abt gim as follows
1. admission process
2. courses
3. placements


Choudhary sahab....

If u wud have gone thru the previous posts then u wud have found all the data Plus additional info abt the same...
any ways... regarding the courses and admn process go thru... Goa Institute of Management, Ribandar Goa India, India's premier Management Institute.

PGs will also tell u the same...
regarding the placements...plz find the attached PDF file :)

Hope it answeres ur query...

Hi Guys
Is there anybody apart from srinivas and me who has worked in telecom domain for more than a year.
Guys lets continue introduction part and please post your acad and work profile.


Yes I have that exp...
28 Months in Telecom Domain... :)

so dont feel lonely.
Hi Saurabh
Can you please tell me how you concluded that Hostel fees is 1.5 L.


During my PI i had a word with senior who was escorting us to PI.
I enquired with him regarding the hostel and mess charges.

he told me that being a new hostel with all round facilities it might charge you 45-50 K for Hostel and raning around 25K for mess... (APPROX.)
making about 70-75 K for a yr... so 1.5L overall...(Approx)

"it's just tentative...but it is not going to differ much...." these were the words from Sr.

Hope I m Clear !!!

Thanks Yadu Ji,

I feel now the doubts are clear.
Hope to have a better dissucsion thread from now on. :)

A piece of info for all those who need to apply for education loan is that they can go to the college seek a Authorization letter that you have been provided admission in that college and the fees details.
Dont forget to get the college seal without which it wont contain any value.

This is the way how my friend did for his SIIB admn.... I feel it could be followed for SIU colleges.

For all those who are not in pune they can ask for a FAX from the college.

Hope this helps.
Al the Best to all.


Hi Saurbah,
I appreciate you clarifying your doubts and thank you for that. I would like to sincerely apologize for the insensitive response from my side. I misinterpreted your genuine query. It was just that the line" so is it worth the ROI...." was misunderstood. I hope you can excuse me for it.
I in no way want to discourage anyone from asking questions.
* The uploading of website is not controlled by students, but the figures are more or less right.
* The fees has increased, but generally speaking, doing MBA is a good investment and being in Symbi is a good advantage. Although there are no seperate laterals, experienced candidates are much sought after and they get a higher package than freshers. So you can rest assured that your future is secured well here . You can PM me on yahoo if you would like to discuss anything in detail. c ya.

Mr Yadu,

Now let me be clear as well I was just putting my concerns and was not commenting that one should join it or not or anything like that. If u think that I m making any such attempt then I really feel sorry for the same, but on the same hand I too dont expect such a harsh/ ridicule comments from a senior.

I can understand that there exists a SENSE of BELONGINGNESS for every student towards his/her college, and it becomes irrational to hear anything or deduce anything against it...(though i was not in any kind of intension to do that u took me all wrong) But my intension was to have a healthy discussion over it by putting some concerns... which i dont think is taking place. And I dont think it was by any chance CASUAL or UNPROFESSIONAL from my side...

Yadu ji...I m sorry to say but not all can fetch in extra money every one is having different situation in life which they need to re-look and reconsider... earlier SITM was having a low fees now it is much more...

Regardng the placement...every college provides such a placement facility & there is no harm in looking into the figures to fancy ur chances ... I can bet everyone present here must have seen the figures before joining and speculated on it to certain extent.

I m Extremly sorry seniors if by anycase i have hurt u or if my concerns seemed obnoxious to u all. I sincerly respect SITM a lot.

Please continue to post ur issues or concerns as told in the post below.


Mr Saurabh,
Firstly, You are no one to comment on how SITM should be managed. Its not on your whims and fancies that the B-School will operate. Get onet hing very straight, All of you have just been selected and its a long way before yu can truly call yourself a part of SITM. This is because every SITM student carries with him a sense of reponsibility. The behaviour which some of you are showing is HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE.



Get clear of some facts once and for all.
SITM Lavale campus is 18km exactly from the current SITM campus, in the heart of the city.
Regular bus service is expected from the campus to city with good frequency, as with other Symbiosis campuses.
Placement IS A FACILITY AND NOT A RIGHT, as mentioned in the prospectus.

Placement figures are not available, and would be made public as and when finalized.
Seniors have shared some info to give you an indicator.
You are going to be managers, and such CASUAL and UNPROFFESIONAL behaviour is not accepted.

This forum is ONLY to help you in joining SITM. This is a friendly gesture from the seniors and not compulsory for anyone of us.
This is not a place to air all kind of questions. As I have already said before, There are some things that are best told to you after you join as it takes some amount of understanding from you.

So, from now on, only those questions which are related to adjusting yourself to Pune and work culture of SITM would be entertained.
FOR any querry on SITM management, hostel, campus,placements etc, Contact the Office.