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I have got Finance-ghazibad , anyone willign to swap .I want FT .Pm me .

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am not waitlisted .. am just waiting for preference wish to know what is the next date for waitlist puys ..

nimeshgupta2000 Says
If you are still waitlisted It would have been updated in the website if the list is declared...Else i think the waitlist is yet to be declared...All the best
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what is the next declared date for waitlist movement ?

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Hey, I have been moved from IT to Finance.
Was hoping for some movement atleast.My choices were : 1.FT 2.Finance 3.IT
So got my 2nd option. Am happy with it .
I wanted FT ..I dont wanna miss out on learning marketing.Though dual specialization would allow me studying marketing , but that would be again merit/cgpa based .

So if any1 wanna swap FT for Finance with me.PM me ..

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has anyone moved up in preference today ?

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people in Pune who joining IMT ..we gonna have a Pune meet on 30th ..please follow the link ..and post if u gonna be present thr ..
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Hey Guys ..

I missed a call from +912261110100 .. its mumbai number ...can verify if this is spjain's no !!!!i am trying to call on this ..all in vain ....guys help!!advice!!

HI all ..

Is finance wait list exhausted ...Is there a possibility of a new list!! if so when can we expect it .

Anxious moments..

Congrats to all the call getters hard ...

I resgitered...

All those joining IMT G and those who have queries and/or seek guidance, your seniors are there to guide you. This is not official. There is this one on one buddy concept in which you can personally reach out to your buddy read senior who will guide you through the new journey you are going to embark on. Perhaps, it sounds over the top and maybe it is (you may choose to ignore the post). But what I can tell you as a senior is I wish I had a mentor when I was about to join. An MBA course is not just about working hard before exams and getting good grades. There is a LOT to be done. Within a few months of joining,it will be summer placements time before you know it.
You might ask, why not wait for the term to start? Well this is NOT an assignment that you have to do. This is about a thought process, about getting clarity on what YOU want. You can and you should definitely unwind in the month and half that is left

So, juniors, all those who are interested and I mean genuinely interested, sign up here

IMT Ghaziabad Buddy Connect

PS:There are seniors ready to do this. Looking forward to more seniors getting involved. Seniors interested, kindly fill this up

IMT Ghaziabad Buddy Connect
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I have a similar question ..

I am planning to come to IMT for fees deposit ..will it be of any good use ..snrs !!!

also is there any number on which authorities are replying ..

can any1 post the phone number here !!!

Seniors Please help.

What the DD be drawn in favour of?

Please give the exact name,amount and payable at location.

What all we need to send along with the DD?

I am planning to post tomorrow.

What are the benefits if i come to ghaziabad in person to pay the fee?
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