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IIM-B ppl ve mentioned that they normalize 10th,12th score..wat abt others??IIM-A,C ve not mentioned anything about normalisation of board marks..It ll be insanity on their part if they do nt....without normalisation it s like comparing orange id apple?
Can't we do anything regarding this?

no you can't. if you are in a dual degree program(5 year) then you can sit after completing 4th year for L1 in june.
definitely not after 3rd year only.

I m in 4 yr BTech program..I m finishing my B Tech by Apr 2010 can I sit for CFA-L1 in Jun 2010?..I think I ve 2 register before I graduate.though I would ve finished my Btech by the time I sit for the exam CFA-L1..
Plz clarify my doubt..
No you dont need 16 yrs of education for CFA AIMR.

You can start it after your 3 years graduation.

Can I sit for CFA-1 after 3 years of my June slot...?
To be exact, I m completing my Btech by April 2010..So wat is the earliest possible slot to sit for CFA-1..
June/Dec 2009 r June/Dec 2010..
Thanks 2 puys 4 dis useful thread..