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You are right. . . I just RUSHEDDD to a cybercafe and saw the result....

They havnt yet mailed. . . Coz I have'nt got it yet

The mails will be sent in a day or two. Please be patient.
All the best to selected students..!!!:cheerio:
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All the best to all students who are selected.
The GD/PI will be conducted in SIMS from 3rd Feb 2010 till 7 Feb 2010.
All the selected students will be sent personalised mails regarding the same.

HR Core
Batch 2009-11

Can anyone please let me know that if GD/PI of SIMS takes place at pune only or other places Bangalore,delhi,mumbai????

pls reply .......

The GD/PI process will take place in SIMS Pune only.
What is the correct definition of dependent of army personnel.Is age or being employed criteria in deciding if a candidate falls in this category?

PLZ REP PLZ....ITs Very Urgent.........

See if any of your parents are in Defence Forces then you are a defence dependent.
In case you are adopted by a defence personnel then the time period prior to admission should be minimum 5 yrs.
All the best
@ satyamvada
is i correct on notion that gud snap score definitely brightens ur chances

Yes. Because weightage is also given to your snap score.
All the best!!

i m from defence background and my expected snap score is 70-75. is there a chance of getting call from sims?? is there any sectional cut off for sims?? and hows is the campus placements at sims..??

thanks in advance

Yes Ankur you have a very good chance of getting a GD/PI call from SIMS.
Prepare hard for the GD/PI Process. All the best
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@Dear Nirmit,

In case you are a general category student you have to be industry sponsored to get admission in SIMS or a management category student.
Please follow the link SYMBIOSIS SIMS - Cultural Convention 2007 for further details.

@ Aayush,

Let me please correct you, I'm not "SIR". If u prefer to give me so much respect then it would be good if you call me "Ma'am", otherwise even Satyamvada would be good.

HR Core
Batch 09-11

nirmitkhanna Says
i m general category student......according 2 prospectus 80% seats r reversed 4 defense personnel n rest 4 industry being frm general category can i apply?
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Your score is good enough, but, the concern is eligibility criteria,.,.,.,.
If u r not a dependent of army man, u r not eligible:nono:

but, at the same time with this score, u stand a good chance of getting a call from SIIB.

all d best,.,.,.,.,.,.[/QUOTE
You have to be a Defence Dependant not just Army Dependant, Since your Grandfather was in Army and since you are not his dependant so you are not eligible, but if your father is/was serving in Defence Forces then you are eligible.
all the best :)
hey guys

my score of snap is 71(lr-36,eng-26,maths-7,gk-2)
5 months of work ex in cognizant technology solutions
i also belong to defence open category
should i apply for SIMS? ..
i suppose there is no sectional cut off kinda thing in SIMS
would my less mark in gk ,maths pose a problem ?

Yes u should apply for SIMS...there are no sectional cut-offs for SIMS.
all d best

I would advice you to get in touch with our placement team. Call up SIMS and ask for Placement Cell, they will clarify all your doubts.