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I think this is done to get make the selection procedure finer. They would be looking for someone with right balance of all the skills.

Multiply 10-2x
D quation wil b
-2x square + 20x-51
It has no minm value
So opsn
Non of thse

The correct option given is option 2.
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Sorry the answer if 5+2^(1/2)
Option 2.

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Hi All,
Not sure how to make a new post. So I will put my question right here.

Q: The minimum value of the expression is attained at x=a. If 'x' is always greated than 5, then what is the value of 'a'?

1. 6
2. 5+2^(1/2)
3. 5+1/(3^(1/2))
4. 5+1/(5^(1/2))
5. None of these.

Request you to put the explanation as well.
Thanks is advance for any replies.

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_Concept, illustrations and graphics by *Deepak Gopalakrishnan* aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here._

It would be really difficult to predict what's going on in the interviewers mind. Anyways this could be a good way to start. Personally, I would like to come up with a good presence of mind. This was fun though. We should look on the positivity we could extract from this post, rather than harsh commenting.

Hi this is Satyajit. Appeared for CAT last time, at the moment I am an Amateur, hope will learn fast enough to score decently in the CAT next time.

Education and Work Ex Background : B-Tech 2006, 4+yrs exp.
Current Occupation: SE
Why on PG? : Planned a lot earlier back in 2006
Specifically looking for what on PG? Learning
Aim for next one year? Practice is the only word for me.