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Where do I go now????
Chicago Vs Tuck???

Keya.. congrats on ur admit!! I guess you are going to have one hell of a time deciding between Tuck and Chicago (unless u are pretty much decided on C!).. i went thru the same confusion sometime back and i can tell you it's pretty fun thinking about it after you have taken the decision! Why don't u join Tuck, I would love to see Iday missing out on his free lunch and dinner admit that you gave him
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Inblue, thanks for the links! I am sure they will be really helpful for our pre-mba preps after may.. i am planning to chill out atleast for the next 4 months, b4 getting into studying mode again

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iday Says
I agree to that. Coffee day WILL be crowded. But i am not able to think of alternatives for someone like Sathya who's coming from Guindy. There might be others who come in from diff places and that is why I thought something in the center of the city will be convenient for everyone. I am open for other alternatives - but check if it is in the middle of the city so that it will be convenient for everyone to reach the place.

Iday, actually even i was feeling the same. CCD is going to be crowded and 10 or 15 people there will be difficult. Let's meet in a more public place.. location should not be a problem for me.. bes. nagar beach is also a good option, if other's are fine with it..
Susie Derkins Says
Timing of submission(wonder if that's the right word) doesn't matter... anyway... let's see.. my Chi app wasn't too great... was done in like 4-5 days... so while I will be disappointed if I don't get an invite, I won't be too surprised.

Well not exactly true always.. the amount of time taken to type in the essays doesn't matter at all.. i took one day off from office and completed all my Ross essays on that day and submitted the app end of day (i have an admit from them as well!)!! what matters is how organized u have the points to write (read.. how exactly u want to pretend to the adcom).. so guess just bcos u completed the app in 4-5 days means a reject sounds ridiculous.. neways.. from the way u have been posting in this forum i guess u would have bluffed quite well in teh apps and so ur interview invite is possibly on its way!

Guys, It's been a long time since anyone posted in this thread. I know atleast a couple of people who were interviewed for R1 and quite a few who were waiting for the interview call.

For those of you already completed the interview.. all the best.. keep your fingers crossed as the D-Day is nearer... I guess Tuck will call you atleast 2 or 3 days before to let you know the infromation (unless ur unlucky like me.. i didn't get any calls and had to wait till the decision date to find out about my admit!)..

ATB folks.. it's been pretty depressing to be the only Tuck admit so far from this forum and more so considering that even HBS has more admits than Tuck.. it proves either Tuck is more selective than HBS or we have a lot of potential leaders and CEO's (or god forbid.. future US Presidents ) in PG

That's a great point from susie :)
Neo - Anything in the pipeline?!

Iday/Neo: I too agree with Susie.. an interview database will be of real help to all applications in future.. I don't think a profile database doesn't add that much value.. it's afterall people's experiences and how they project it in their essays, rather than GMAT/Work-ex, that decides where one gets an admit!!

Cryo..many congrats.. i am extremely happy about ur admit and more happy that atlast i get to know somebody who went to HBS.. well, since i will be Tuck, NH (a 3 hr drive from Boston), we will certainly try to meet many times during our mba..

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c'mon guys i expect some response here...

Ok i repeat what i want you people to discuss: this time i wont redirect you to Forrest Gumps blog...
but will write what he wrote there..

According to his BW findings: ( he had opportunity to read the premium/paid content of BW website...)

** HARVARD is the costliest college to be in followed by W & S.
** ave. cost to study @H is $345,400
** and it takes 14.5 yrs to break even.


Tell you what.. the reason for the ROI very high for H/W/S is bcos they tend to attract the cream and the cream gets paid high pre-mba!!! So out of the 350000 cost in H, ur loss of salary for 2 yrs will be close to atleast 200K.. but if ur an indian working in india, ur cost in salary would be less than 100K (at max!!.. if it's more than that, i don't see a reason why u should go for an mba.. work for five more years and retire )... so ur cost could be less than 250K in total!!
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On that case - i will apply to the top 5 baronesses
and get hitched by one of them (someone who's name starts with a C i guess).
And PG bhai will get some other baroness, whose names starts with a W ;)

Well fortunately for you a couple of your fellow admits to C are females!! Otherwise, well i don't even want to think about how u guys would be fighting it out in C GSB..
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All ye Ross applicants in R1.. wait for your admit calls!! I just got a call from their associate director of admissions saying that I am admitted

I guess I need to wait till the packet arrives to see the scholarship information... my decision now is completely based on the scholarship Ross can give me.. coz i have a small amount of scholarship from Tuck.. only if Ross beats that amount significantly I will think of Ross.. Anyways, it's good to have three admits and having to decide where u want to go..

All the best to all hopefuls waiting for a call from Ross, you should be getting it anytime today!

And yeah, forgot to add.. if any of you out here think i can be of any help, don't hesitate to ping me!