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really good one dude ..

a fellow WIMWIan and PGite .. Nirav's blog ..

Thanks Christy for the invite .. now i have got a gmail a/c too!!!
and the id is

PG plz update my rank to IIMA-2006 .. my email id is

hey i have not yet received any invite .. actually i have yet to get my lan connection here ..and so havent been online since come time ..
btw my name is Manish Shyamsukha and the email id is

looks like i am the last person on this planet still a have-noy ..
plz send me one who has to spare .. waiting impatiently !!

shit .. missed this one also

hey code warrior semd me one ... the email id is

plzzz send it

i was working in an R&D; organization .. GE to be precise ... was quizzed a lot abt it only in IIMB interview ..
they wud like to know in that case is why u want to shift .. secondly they wud expect u to be very conversant with what you have been doing and strong on fundas .. lastly they wud also see if u know the business details abt the kind of projects u have been doing ..

more than that i think it doesnt much matter if u have been in R&D; .. B guys actually spent some time trying to convince me that since technology drives many a company .. its the more challenging field to be in .. then I said I feel tht personally I am more suited to management .. to which they asked if I was not doing well in technical .. and then u have to tell them what greast job u have been doing ..
hope that helps ..

m unable to read the articles .. seems they have removed it .. any way is it really a "news article" or an article? and does it appear in some other source?