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vishal das Says
Will do one thing tell the guys who r all comin to gmat meet to come on cat meet also...on sunday afternoon..k do revert back asap..

Will do. Is it solely for discussing the CAT? Because the meet on Saturday is intended to serve as an ice breaker, from which we can potentially form groups and follow up.

Let me know when the time and venue of the CAT meet, and i'll pass on the info to others. Time permitting, I'll also try to attend.

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Sunday is a bit tricky, because people usually have plans lined up for the evening. If it's anything in the morning or around noon it might work.

Since we're just a day away, and I've already received confirmations, I'd be inclined to have it on Saturday. We could always have two separate meets, with the PG one focusing purely on CAT. Let me know your thoughts on this.


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Hi, I was just chatting with Ravi, and am glad to here that there's a meet lined up for this weekend. It's rather strange, because there's a similar meetup being planned for Saturday @ Mocha Adyar, only difference being that the target audience is those looking at GMAT, and schools that accept GMAT (both within India and overseas).

I assume that the intention is mainly to get to know each other, how much progress people have made with exam prep, target bschools, and possibly discuss career paths. If that is the case, we can have a common meet, and then follow it by forming two separate study groups, one for CAT and one for GMAT (or GRE since that is being accepted nowadays).

Some people have already confirmed for the following time and venue, but if we have a majority opting for another time and venue, then we can change accordindly.
Time: 6 PM, 3rd September (Saturday)
Venue: Mocha, Indira Nagar, Adyar

Let me know if you guys are up for it.


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send me a pm if you want the interview update.

Excuse me..!!

There are close to 300 new questions in the OG12.

I would suggest you go thru' the following links and reach your own conclusion:
GMAT Official Guide 12th Edition
Knewton Early Analysis of the OG 12th Edition Verbal Section
Knewton Early Analysis of the OG 12th Edition Math Section

@ ankur, i was merely trying to suggest that there's no need to fork out 1k for OG 12 if you already have a copy of OG 11.

to quote from one of the links that you have been so kind to provide
"If your exam is near, you might consider mining the 12th Edition for a few new problems. But your time may be better spent reviewing practice problems you have already encountered, as well as doing online practice with GMATFocus, or practice exams"
Has anyone bought OG 12?
How is it?
Is it worth buying?

i've read a couple of review online... seems the only thing that's changed is the cover .. seriously though, the additional content in og 12 is negligible.. if you already have og 11, there's absolutely no need to get og 12.
nubin Says
He he... Great attitude... Here I'm jus a glorified-peon. I'm equivalent to a floor worker at a factory, even though im coming from one of the best engineering college in India. :-(

lolz.. same here dude... from java -> unix -> BA ->test cases -> adobe crap and now back to java ... im seriously contemplatatin hangin my boots...
btw nubin sorta rings a bell.. hmm...
165016 in communicator... lets waste time on somethin useful
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Hi Puys,

Back to PG after a span of 2 years! After my last failed attempt at cat'05...Working hard towards cat'08!....

Looking forward for a great run!

Lets all make it guys!


PS: Moi in IMS Adyar morning batch! Had to go from the April batch to the May batch :(, coz I could'nt keep up with my hectic work schedule!

hey, im in the weekend batch at IMS Adyar. My cat prep has taken off as well as i'd hoped. I'm thinking of joining a study group to give me prep the boost it needs. Interested? Maybe we could form one...
If there's any other study group out there that would mind taking in one more, do let me know....
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