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Dear All,

PRs have very limited role in placement.Most of the activities are being taken care by Placement office and they make sure that there should not be any overlap of the companies coming for placement of 2 year PGP ,regular PGPEX and PGPEX-VLM programme.
It means all good companies which come for placement for 2 year PGP and regular PGPEX are generally not invited for the placement of VLM course.
Its unique programme and hence unique companies are called for placement.
So don't expect that you will get chance in regular recruiters of IIM calcutta.
I hope it clarify most of your doubt regarding companies profile visiting for VLM course.

Santosh Sharma
Student of 6th batch VLM
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Dear VLM aspirants,

Don't worry too much. There is nothing wrong about this program.I just wanted to communicate that this is not as lucrative as it seems from outside.So if any of you have any other options like executive MBA from IIM A, B, C, XLRI etc. then its better to evaluate your options carefully before opting any of them.

Indeed its a unique program and gives unique learning, there is no doubt about that.
I agree with Mr. Raju602 and advise all of you to join this program for the better learning of concepts of engineering and management rather than seeing it as a opened gate for lucrative jobs.

wish you all the best and good luck.

Santosh Sharma

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please think twice before joining this programme.
don't join it only because of IIM C .
for more detail u can mail me.

Dear Seniors,
I & my friends who are selected for PGPEX-VLM 6th batch are interested in the following queries.

1. What kind of companies come for campus placement? Types of
companies - Engineering Service industries, Product Companies,
Consulting? Please name as many.
2. What kind of profiles do the companies offer? Roles &
responsibilities? Or they technical or managerial? If possible provide
info from different sectors.
3. Since this program is initiated by Indian govt - HRD, does it
narrow the focus of destination companies to Indian owned private/
public sector? Will it be a forced choice?
4. Do any of the foreign companies who have development centers in
India - Chrysler, Boeing, Airbus etc... fall under Indian
manufacturing sector since they make and sell products here?
5. How does this program compare to Exec MBA offered by IIMs?
6. How well are the VLM- Alumni group organized? Meaning: Do we have a
common online forum where we can interact with alumni?

Santosh Sharma

Hi Sridhar,
I will catch train for kolkatta from gorakhpur on 31st march.
It's better you join the group created by sushant. most people are there .

IIM Calcutta PGPEX-VLM 2012-13

Santosh sharma

Dear chetan,
there is already one group running at same site. you can serach it.

Dear All,

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New year -2012. I am Kishan from 3rd batch VLM.

Congratulations to all . Please let us know your queries so that we will try to address.

please creat group like: . this is useful during your course sharing lecture notes.

We have a group in linkedin.;=hb_side_g

If u can send me list of emailid from 6 th batch i will add ASAP.

Have a great day.

Kishan Kona

Thanks Kishan,
It's gud to see responses given by senior batch.
let me introduce me first, I am santosh Sharma, B.Tech ( Paint Tech) HBTI Kanpur 2004 batch, having work ex around 7.5 yrs in automobile companies( Tata Motors, Honda siel, Ashok leyland etc). I am also one of the selected candidates for PGPEX-VLM 6th batch.
kindly add me in ur linkedin group.
my email id is

Don't worry sugandha, its not too late for 2012 batch . i am also taking my GMAT on 1st aug'11.
try your best n keep in touch.