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yes options...i called the admissions coordinator he said "if 240 admits are given then 240 students will study here. Do not worry" now the choice is urs...i have already put in my papers....

well having seen the placement report in the director's report seems that 5-6 seniors of ours' was still to be placed at that time..would like to know from the seniors whether they have been placed till now...all the best to them...i m feeling a bit apprehensive...because in our turn it will be 240 students...and secondly my first impession was similar to donkernash' is a bit low compared to gim's standards....nyways...good luck to the seniors whoever is not placed by this time....

Even i also got the same email...only saying "received" after i asked jenny mam to send the email confrmation....I think thats abt it....
I thnk if u tell them to send an email confrmation then only they will send dont kno what actually is the process...

@ Seniors
Please tell me whether the presence of guardian is required at the time of admissions. Accordingly i ll make my tickets.

hey guys
just tell me
1. whether garp provides any study material after we register there??(like cfa)
2. do we have to pay USD150 every year after we register there???

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@ Seniors,
Since the college is admitting double the no. of students it has to scale up its infrastructure what are the initiatives taken in that front apart from the new ...1. whether the no of faculty is being increased or not?? 2. whether the new hostels will be wi fi enabled or not?? and the will be nice if our seniors can throw some light on it....

Guys regarding aicte approval i called up the admission coordinator few days ago... he said nothing to worry about..."If 240 admits are send then 240 ppl will study here"...... I m also in the same boat ...will have to resign from my its a bit risky and worrisome situation for ppl like us...but nothing can be done...lets wait and watch....


@ Seniors,
Can you please tell us that when can we expect the confirmation of the payments done through RTGS . I have paid the fees on 29.03 and had mailed the transaction id to the admissions office but havent received the confirmation yet.

I got the hard copy about an hour ago....nothing special mentioned except for the scholarship initiative that is being taken up....and also no details of education loan and related stuff.....otherwise everything have been discussed in the forum....

@ Seniors
Can anyone please shed light on the approval of increased seats....and when can we come to know about the same...??