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If x , y and z are the lengths of sides of a triangle and ,
k=(x^2+y^2+z^2)/(xy+yz+xz), which of the following best describes k

a) 0b)1c)0d)1e)1
please tell how to solve this

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1: If the sum of the squares of the sides of a triangle is denoted by S and the perimeter by P, which of the following is always true about (P^2)/S ?

a) it is less than 2
b) greater than equal to 3 nd less than equal to 4
c) greater than 2 nd less than equal to 3
d) greater than equal to 4
e) none of these

2:Consider the equation x^2 +y^2 +z^2 =1. Let (x1,y1,z1) and
(x2,y2,z2) be two sets of values of (x,y,z)satisfying the given equation
and let A =(X1-X2)^2 +(Y1-Y2)^2 +(Z1-Z2)^2.
WHAT is the maximum possible value that A can assume?
assume that all the quantities involved are real numbers

a)6 b)4 c) 3 d)2 e)1

please tell how to solve these two questions

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There is a triangle ABC, RIGHT ANGLED AT B. D,E,F are points of contact of incircle of triangle with its sides AC, BC,AB respectively.IF BD is the altitude from B to AC , find ratio of length of BE and EC.

a) (2-2^.5) : 2^.5
b) 2: (2-2^.5)
c) 2^.5 : (2-2^.5)
d) 2 : (2+2^.5)

2^.5 =root 2

please tell me how to solve this

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My Attempts

GK : 30

found paper bit lengthy...


In a competitive exam there are 75 questions, where 4 marks are awarded for every correct answer , 1 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer.NO marks were awarded/ deducted for any unattempted questions.

a) If 1000 students wrote the exam, what is the minimum possible number of students each of whose net score is same as that of atleast one of the others student.

e)none of these

please tell me how to solve this : is there any direct way to find maximum possible of distinct scores.

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I could have posted a pic of our ranking but the reason i posted the link is because everyone would atleast have a chance to go behind the mechanics of the rankings.

"We had to drop a few institutions from the final 197 that appear this year because the data supplied by them were incomplete or there were some unexplained deviation from the data presented last year. We are glad to note there were 63 new entrants in the list this year compared to last year."

It is given in the page. Go through the link.Also i said that this is one such indicator. You are always welcome to go and check out other rankings and sources as well.

FMS needs no recognition.Unlike FMS the other two IIT's will probably fall in our league or maybe lower. So doesn't make that big a difference.

Please be cautious before you rubbish something off totally.

First thing i don't want to indulge in any altercation;and by saying that two IIT'S fall in ur league or maybe lower u r making mockery of urself.

1) Three circles of equal radii overlap each other such that the centre of each circle lies on the circumference of the other two circles.Find the ratio of the area of the region common to all three circles and the region common to exactly two circles.
a: .516
b: .448
c: .246
d: .298

2)C1 AND C2 are two concentric circles with radii 5cm and 9cm respectively
.If A,B,C are points on C2 such that AB and AC are tangent TO C1, in how many points does BC intersect C1 ?
a: 0
b: 1
c: 2
d: cannot be determined

I don't have the answers of these if anyone can tell me the answers and approach to solve.

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Hi Guys...!!! First of all a big welcome to those of you who have converted NIRMA :cheers::cheers:
All the best for those of you who are on the waitlist and are probables.

It's time to rejoice as NIRMA has managed to retain its position as a premier b-school and the following is one such indicator.

Four IIMs among eight in Business Standard's top B-school bracket

this is a totally manipulated rating..NO FMS, NO IIT BOMBAY, DELHI
Total bullshit!!!
hi sankalparnam,
i'm also searching for that only.will update u soon.

somone on page 40 has said the limit is -8.00, i dnt knw whether it is right or nt

CAN ANYONE TELL ME what is the limit for myopia in SBI ASSOCIATES FOR PO