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Shantanu MUKHERJEE @shattereddream
@chanchal15 their is one more book for vocab which is also very good by Norman lewis and Wilfred Funk if u need it i may send it to u i have ebook
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can u please fwd it at in advance!

@ajaygovindg Thanks for your information.

I have 6 year Experience in Telecom Industry. Now wants to pursue MBA in Telecom Management by Correspondence/Distance learning. Kindly inform the colleges providing such courses.

I am Sanjay Verma, having 6 year Experience in Telecom Industry. wants to persue MBA in telecom management by Distance/Correspondance. Kindly inform what are my options.

it sticks after 8 th qn

not able to submit the answers

Very very Happy Birthday to you.

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Do you have a liking for number crunching?
Yes, always find maths amuse me.

Do you like to work in teams or u like to work alone?
i favor working in team.

Do you find it easy to convince people to do what you want?
Toughest job for me.

Do you have a creative mind?
I dont know. It actually depends on the work assigned whether you were able to bring out some useful change or do some eye catching innovation.

Do you like travelling?


Do you find it easy to talk to strangers?

I had done B.E.(Elex & Communication) in 2005.

After that i had a 6year experience in Operation and maintenance in Telecom for a PSU.

Hmm so guys where do i stand and which would be good for me.

nice initiative.

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