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here is a good article by a quant proffesor wo was academic head of CL , read this its just 2 good.

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Hey sanjay,

Here's wishing u a very happy birthday....

thanx buddy
hi sanjay take my wishes in advance.. so a LEO.... I like LEO people very much... reason i will tell u later when we meet..:) ....ya boss it calls for a party... all my mumbai friends on this thread should get it.......... and our oms company will take it after we come there... so I am commiting on sanjay's behalf everybody on this thread is bound to have a party that too rocking and I know my sanjay friend cant let his friend down
take care
and may GOD bless u with the most charming girl in your life on this birthday

so manoj is gonna payt the bill since he is commiting on my part
gandhiarti Says
thn i think saturday is the best....rite guys?? we can xpect a treat frm sanjay ;)

treat, wats that, i dont know wat treat means, guess it means that other sponser ur food on ur bday, wat say aarti , i think u wont mind sponsering me, ask abhinav i dont eat much, right abhinav ????

me 2 on saturday, btw its my birthday on saturday

hey guys..this is to the thread and to welingkars..jus completed my BE in electronics from DJ thru in the second round of cap..
guys since coll is starting so late(in the office they said 20th aug)wouldnt it be a good idea to meet up to discuss laptops etc..hey somebody was talking about brushin basics in accounts and stuff..thats a classic idea..

hi sakhi this is sanjay frm extc 2006 batch dj sanghvi

they said its gonna start on 21st august, tats wrong wen will they cover the syllabi

everyboDy paid the fees

i know one place were we can get it dirt cheap, if we make a grp of 40 odd , the discount will be somwere arnd 7-8k for a lenovo piece with intel Duo core and 1gb ram and it has 1 yr company warranty for somwere near 48k , wat say guys

maybe by august end uve to mark