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Hey, I got shortlisted for an interview as well, anyone here from pune in the same boat?

hey can anyone pls tell me by what time does ISB come out with the list of shorlisted candidates for interviews in first admit deadline??

Hi all, below is my profile:

X: 85.6%
XII: 61%
Btech in chem eng from iit bombay with cpi 6.93.
work experience of 2 years 10 months by march 31, 2007.

I have applied to PGP- 2007 @ ISB based on my CAT 2004 score: 99.42%. what are the chances of getting a call for the interview from isb? I am working with a management consulting called ZS associates.

plz can any one reply to this query? thnx in advance.

hey guys I just checked my application status on IIMA link and it says:

Your Application form for CAT-2005 has been received, but it is incomplete in respect of the following item(s):

but there are no items mentioned and just the disclaimer.

Does that mean this is ok for preliminary screening. I am worried as I did not use a Black Ball Point pen for the declaration box but filled it with pencil .SO please any body having a different status then that mentioned above post here.:huh:

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coolsurfer23in Says
the declaration box has to be filled with black ball pen why do u need to erase it..

As far as I remeber the Declaration Box is to be filled by pencil and not a pen because I filled last time and before taht using pencil only.We were supposed to use black ball point pen only where it has been mentioned
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BrightBlueSkies Says

good job dude!!!..really a long wait but at the last you got it..and that's what matter..all the best
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one more optimistic thread..nice going dude all the best

if the guys at IIM L say that it i sthe end of it it seems that it really is........

today being a monday evening, they are still not out with the list and despite hardcore optimism by all of you guys, deeep inside we know that the chances are really bleak for us, sanjay and I are destined to reach HELL and we have come to realise that.

If L doesnot want let it be........... and we will face it and contend with it.

As though for pplk not turning up for registration, i feel that they would have already adjusted such number as it would have been expected.,........

And also the fact is that it is only Bangalore clearance what they would be worried about since C doesnot come out with the secndf list and A's wait listr clearance is very minuscule.....

With all heart lost out........


I think Parry, you are right this is end of it:huh: anyways..
hi all,
i am also waiting for the list. and as usual waited for the whole day.
but i think it will soon come may be because to day is sunday so no one is there in the
admission department.
but i think tomorrow on monday after the meeting of the admission comittee the list should
come till noon or evening.
HE sanjay,parry just wait for some more time as there is a last minute increase in the seats of IIMK; same could be possible for IIML too. as far as i know Lucknow was also supposed to increase the seats from 240 to 260 this year; and there might be a chance that it has also got the approval just few days back like IIMK. so my intution says we all will meet at Hel. just keep a lil bit of more patient as we have kept since last month.


thanks for the optimistic view..I really feel that something is going on thr in IIML admission office which may or may not be in our favour..lets see what comes in our plates

so dudes..I guess this wil be the final list from IIML because AFAIK the second year batches are supposed to start from 14-15 of june so by 12 they will have a good idea how many of the previous batch guys are willing to join as repeaters for this year and hence this will be the final picutre..