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I got admitted to Boston Carroll, UFL, Wake forest and Fisher.

Joining Boston College due to financial support and excellent location

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I got this below information from my friend abt OPT
It says OPT is applicable for MBA students as well
Read on

as the STEM list contains this:
15.15 Engineering-Related Fields. (NEW) Instructional content is defined in code 15.1501.
15.1501 Engineering/Industrial Management. A program that focuses
on the application of engineering principles to the planning and
operational management of industrial and manufacturing operations, and
prepares individuals to plan and manage such operations. Includes
instruction in accounting, engineering economy, financial management,
industrial and human resources management, industrial psychology,
management information systems, mathematical modeling and
III - 82 optimization, quality control, operations research, safety and health
issues, and environmental program management.
(Moved from 14.3001)

Boston Carroll - Class of 2010


Its absolutly crap to go thru all these books to crack quant in CAT or any exam.
These are good for guys who want to specialize in a particular topic or branch in mathematics.
All you need for CAT or any MBA entrance exam is 10 std mathematics or at the max 12 std maths.IT takes patiencs and hard work to get the basics correct and apply them to the problems

Hope this helps



Nop u r not supposed to take Rulers
it is told specipically in the Bulletin

Ur ..what u think

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That was a great piece of calculation in deed.
My gut feeling is that consistency is the key to success for that we need lots of patience to hold on till the D day.

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join TCS not kanbay ...
in kanaby u may get high salary intially ,but then the rises and appraisals ae not good (almost 0 ) ,and no onsite chances also ..
so u shld go for TCS ..
great going ...

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