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look up has got a collection of great reading comprehension for can the timed test as well. really helps imrpove your speed...

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dont' lose heart, look up, I'm sure the tutors there can help you out...

hii...guys you are looking for some decent material to practice for reading comprehension, I have been practicing at and have found that my speed and accuracy have really improved over time...give it a thought

if you are getting low scores after a lot of effort, then something is missing in your approach. first of all you need to know that what you are studying is quality material, secondly you need to constantly measure your performance by taking practice tests and studying the pattern of your scores. you should look up the site, take down the study material, prepare properly, then start taking the tests. Save your scores there and keep a record of performance over a period of time...concentrate properly and you won't have to worry anymore

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