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Guys.. ISB R1 dates are out for 2012 - 13 .. Last date for R1 is 15th sep 2011...

Please share your GMAT dates...


Hi All
i am in mid way of my preparations for gmat and i am worried about SC. My accuracy is only 50%. i have covered Manahattan SC and OG 12. about to complete OG 10 also. the thing that is making me tense is that i am about to complete the authentic material(og and manhattan SC) and still my accuracy is not improving.
I will practice from other sources but is my approach rt? is this ok to have low accuracy(50%) after covering OG 10 and manhatan sc.
no problem in rc
Pls suggest me some good quant material and CR material for practice which is representative of difficulty level of gmat. OG math is too easy.


Only way out is practice... go on internet solve as many problems as you can... take a break between two problems to understand the concept behind the answers... there are many places where they have offered many questions to every topic... once you get bored of solving problems.. take test and resolve OGs ... and one more thing which i feel my weekness is, dont get panicked while solving...

go in depth and you will learn many concepts those will help in next question...


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Hi puys,

Please find below the e book version of Arun Sharma, hope it helps:

How To Prepare For Qt Apt For Cat 2E - Google Books


Thanks for the link its a great help i appriciate it...


I do not think Arun Sharma's quant book has got an e copy published.Anyways the book is not as costly as the OG and manhattan books.should cost you arnd 400 bucks.


cool I will buy it... thanks for the info sandy...

Any one have arun sharma's soft copy... ??? please share...!!

Hi Future ISBians :)

Iam in too. My experience is bit on the higher spectrum - 8+ years. Not sure wheter this will be a boon or a bain. For all people preparing for Gmat, Mgmat site has a very good error log for OG12. It gives a fair deal of strength and weakness on excel based on which the preparation can be tweaked.

Dont waste much time on Kaplan CAT. they are tougher than the actual GMAT and the scoring algorithm gives you lower score. however can be taken for mental stamina. MGMAT CATs are good.


Nice to have you here.. your exp is realy gonna be proved as boon... dont worry abt that..

Thanks for the tip will surly try that.. since when have you been preparing and where you are from.. ??

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In addition what bblast has mentioned, on some forums I saw a good website for grammar which can help us ...
English Grammar Book - Learn English Online
psethi Says
had anyone solved the 1000 rc, cr and sc document. are the answers correct which are listed in few last pages ???

I tried some questions from 1000SC.. I had this confusion too that answers may be wrong.. so i copied questions to google before seeing the answer given on the doc.. and so far i didnt get any wrong answer in doc...

One tip - Instead of going back to find answer just follow the bellow operation to see the hidden answers they are given next to every question but they are hidden...

Menu --> Word options --> Display ---> Check on Hidden Text.. press ok

this is for Microsoft word 2007...
Hello friends,

About to start my preps for GMAT and intended to write the exam around third week of May 2011.

Back ground - B-tech in Mechanical, 5.5 yrs exp in Projects Management - EPC Oil and Gas projects.

Comfortable with Quant, need to improve verbal part - anybdy is looking for study partener?

and Is it better to block the date from now itself? - Please suggest
Best regards,

Hey Hitmoss,

You can certainly find study parter here, check previous posts there are ppl who are looking for partners..

Can you please tell us you location... i couldnt find it..

Hey puyz..i have almost completed the OG..planning to appear for GMAT in June or July. Can someone plz guide me from where can I give the online mock test series of MGMAT(preferably) and other links also.
Thnks in Advance.


If you have MGmat books, you will get one year free subscription to 4 free MGMAT tests... And some questions too, i brought the books and it is written on them, though i couldnt find time to register myself for the tests.. will do it soon..

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