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Hey Guys,
Im a second year MBA student from TAPMI. As part of a market research, I would request all MBA aspirants to please fill up one small questionnaire. The link for the same is:
Kindly spare some time and fill it. It will be of great help to us.
Do not hesitate to ask queries if any regarding the questionnaire or any other MBA related aspect. My e-mail ID is:
Thanks a ton!
Sandeep Acharya
(TAPMI, Manipal)
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Oh Sandy, you've just completed Gamar game. And God only knows how many more 'Games' to go? Or was it any particular 'Game' which took you directly to second year when the rest of the batch is still struggling to cope up with their mid theme results.
Just kidding... You only gave me a chance to pull your legs...

Ok Dude.. that was just an error that happened due to fast typing....
further, the no. of years that Iv spent in manipal may have caused that typo.
Also, Life @ TAPMI wid all these assignments is moving so fast that it feels like ages that Iv been here...
Newaze, wat comment do u have here now, Mr. Rick....?

Ok... ATB to all PGites for TAPMI calls...
hi guys,
i have 96.1 percentile in cat.with 90+ in all sections.
i'm expecting a call from tapmi.
got no work ex. is there any chance i will not get the call.
i did engg frm manipal MIT itself. will that do any gud at gd/pi stage?
someone frm tapmi plz reply?
Also a new hostel block was being built for tapmi. is it complete guys.

Ok hi CoolSun... wats ur real name by the way..?
I am sandeep.. Now TAPMI 2nd yr.. And also completed Mech Engg From MIT..
Some of these guys asked me to address ur questions.. so... am obliging
Looking @ ur percentile and consistency, I don see why u shud not get a call... So start preparing for the GD/PI and all.. Me too no WrkEx. I had 98.8 last year.. But I guess wid 96.1 u wont have any problem even though u r a fresher... Being from MIT WILL NOT help u in the GD.. But yes, in the PI , U might try and use it to ur advantage.. B prepared to address Q's like why u wanna come bak to mpal and all... and what was ur daily lifestyle n all these kinda Q's..... So u may leverage MIT to ur benefit only during the PI.
As abt the new hostels for TAPMI, yes, it has been in the wings for quite some time... infact we have been told that the new blocks will be functional from ur batch, but i doubt that... newaze...
I guess I have addressed all ur concerns.. In case u (Or for that matter anybody else!) has any such specific concerns, then plz go ahead and ask me...
BTW, the latest was that they will b sending the calls out on Monday..
So all da best to u future prospective TAPMIites.. All Da Best.. Njoi.

hey guys i am not in the race wid ull, but i jus went to welingkar home page and the link is wrkg now, and i guess that the results are out!! check out all and all the best!

sandy is here guys, i keep checking this thread , but am now almost a no-hoper.. . iv taken up tapmi which was my nex best bet.. newaze, keep the thread going!! Njoy!
This is the second time that I'm having to intervene after your sarcastic posts !! In case you got nothin to contribute, DONT post !! These folks here have taken a conscious decision to join a school !! Leave it to their considered judgement on the worth of their decision !! Be Advised !!

Folks, let not this thread digress once again .. All da best all :)


mann!! why do u stop us from responding to such fools!! if not for u, i wudve given this guy a run for his money, come n meet me sumday Mr. Lafanga.. u don hafta live up to ur name.. newaze, ill try and keep my comments to myself.. atleast thats wat "TAPMI" guys do!! wat say junta!
this is an official declaration from giri inc... in view of the changin global economic and political scene, our board has decided that we have to upgrade from trainee pagal to expert pagal or something...just upgrade...ya...dekhte hain what future has in store for us...
this firm will release it's ipo in hell shortly after 6th june.. all those interested in opening their ipo's in and around this time, say AYE....

hey man, i am posting here totally bcause i wanted to be wid my friends seshgiri n parry u all when i join ur gang in becoming an expert pagal..!! so wat if IIML does not take me! I am a hit at PG .. haha an expert at that!!:) yippiee !! my training period is over!!!!

the one who brought the first good news!!
brings another...:) . you mean that those who have better options will let the admissions know? i mean.. will this list move today only or on the 6th of june when people have to submit their fees???

Its been quite sum time i din post here..
Firstly, Congrats to eztella, lucent and others who made it to L!!!
But its the sheer optimism in this thread that drives me to posting here man, must add that I really felt good when some good samaritan pasted that some cl faculty said that w/l cleared till 150!! but now that my new W/l is 75, really, i do not foresee a realistic chance... hope that as dreammaker said .. they are just delaying our "congratulations" a lil further!!
seshagiri Says
dat's coz ur not posting enuf.. sanjay29 ko dekho. he has made a full career out of this thread. he is now an expert pagal. we are only trainee pagals. but i have got more posts than you... keep posting keep posting...yahi hai raz posts badane ka...

yupp man, again very correct, i doin same thing, u may well notice that I am very close to being an expert pagal, so wat if i cudnt be an expert manager from IIML!!:huh:
seshagiri Says
God must be really so happy with us. We wish well to all the guys ahead of us. unko A mile, B mile, C mile, ISB mile, Wharton/Kellog mile. saare jahan ki khushiyan milen. taki woh L chhod ke wahan chale jayen. I've never ever felt this kind towards anyone....aj toh sab ko jannat mile...

hehehe yes, very well said, never felt so benevolent towards people ever ever before!! hehe, i like the way u think sesh..!