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aligato Says

enter ur surname first...
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his lost in maze..i think u r being hard on sandy,india is not a land of opportunities,
you have to grab ur share...
ME attitude...every 1 does it.Even a child of 1 yr does it.just hand him a toy,not a single 1 would give you back.....and well we all are grads.
Sandy is indeed a good manager i gues as he has his plan A as well as Plan B ready.
i did not meant to hurt any 1,just came in to resolve it.
Even i did nt qualify iob...sad about that

shivam it was not for me....he was talking to somone else...i just said what i felt is right..
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lost_in_maze Says
^ also if 1 says we aren't sure abt getting in MBA so i feel that such ppl really don't deserve to be future managers. cause a good manager knows his abilities and also has the strength to take risks which surely lacking in ppl who take gr8 pride in first taking others job opportunities and then leaving them vacant cause they got something better. it is saddening to c some1 suggesting to extend date on medical grounds.

no one is here for social service i guess...everyone wants best career for him or herself..and there is nothing wrong in it too..if some other one has capabilities..he would have been selected...and if u would have been in his place..would u leave that option....
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crypticillusion Says
a guy on orkut received his bob appointment letter 9 months after the whole process got over.he didn't make it 2 the final list at that time but now they have sent him an appointment letter with joining on 20th of just goes to show that banks do have second lists if they fall short of expected number of candidates.

i m that guy......
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tarunbatra Says
There is no mail communication from bank regarding the roll number and yes the number of digits are also same i.e 8 .When the bank initially send the mail there was registration number mentioned only.


they must have sent some communication via mail when u cleared written exam..or u can ask other people about their IOB and central bank roll no how both roll no starts...let me tell u abt my central bank roll starts with 17717858.......u can recheck with other people....otherwise just wait for appointment letter.but most probably u r through....its not possible really to get cbi roll no in iob
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way2ashish Says
Can u please tell what is the link for NIA recruitment

Here it is brother
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ashishashu_14 Says
take admision in a clg in ludhiana if u get...i dont remeber the name of the college...another gud one is APJ clg of management, i dont know...~

some of the good colleges are

GNDU Amritsar........Punjabi University campus Patiala......i think u might get Punjabi university campus.......
another query regarding SBI po 2009.
dey have mentioned that we can apply online in between 14th july and 16th aug.
but wen i go to the site..there is no such provision. Has neone applied for SBI or dey have just cum up wid da notification and online applications are still to cum?
also wat is the examination fees for SBI?

SBI PO Out??

its not on site...can u forward that link here
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dis is regarding RBI exam...i used a link of RBI site posted on this thread and got all da info regarding the exam and syllabus but dey haven't mentioned wen wud the apllication forms wud be out...
can sumone plz help and throw sum light.
thanx in adnavce.

here is the form for RBI
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Hope this will help the people who applied for LIC AAO

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) has declared the result of candidates who successfully qualified the interview for the Post of Assistant Engineer (Electrical & Structural) and Assistant Architects.

how this will help us brother.......this is not AAO resut....this is AE ( Electrical result)
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