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And i thought this thread had died its natural course. Well I just finished the latest in the Heroes of Might and Magic collection and am now into Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. If anyone else has played this game pls reply coz i need some serious help

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To finally get to vacation this Christmas in Goa

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A lot of people have been praising the movie "The Departed" for the acting but the original was still better. It was a chinese movie called "Infernal Affairs"

Has anyone here completed Halflife 2???
I seem to have got stuck at a level with no respite

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Hey my Favourite character is Garfield. Now his example is worthy of emulation.
Well i better get back to more important work i.e..


1.Humphrey Bogart (Classics like Maltese Falcon and Casablanca)
2.Cary Grant (North by Northwest)
3.Robert De Niro(2 many good performances to mention)

deepu Says
Hi Mohit, although i knew the criteria for final selections change every year but are the guyz having bad acads..r at a big disadvantage??(like for A). what range of CAT score do you think will offset it??

Well a little late on this thread. Hope i am not intruding monu.I personally don't have great BE acads but with an overall 99.85% . But as is common with IIM'S the selection procedure is a well hidden secret.

p.s:There seems to be so little talk about IIM Bangalore
this is shivam frm jbims i am headed for stan chart (marketing).
thts makes 3 of us.
hope 2 see u guys.


Well that makes four of us. I got placed in Stan C as well. They strangely offered me a choice in Corporate and Retail. Will be taking Retail. Any of u guys have any idea on location.
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That passage took me 39.50 seconds according to my stopwatch.But with only 90% comprehension.
I guess it was because the passage was uncomplicated with not many tough words making it easier to read and comprehend.

Well about the questions that u asked Cattie

1. I have no idea what latent reading means?
2. I have no idea what mind reading is either?
3. Yes i do regress on occasion
4. Actually i never was concerned very highly about Reading speeds.
5. I think i will give myself a 7 since i do have problems when it comes to names and dates.

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1) who is the nu brand amb for pizza hut?

2) wat is the exact designation hold by mr.piyush pandey at O&M;?


1. Zayed Khan is the brand ambassador for pizza hut if i am not mistaken

2.He is the National Creative Director for O
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