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I have an admit from University of Rochester : Simon - 18 Month Accelerated MBA Program.

Would like to connect with with ppl joining this program for Jan'14 Intake...

Therefore starting this new thread...

  • Admitted!. 20 Oct '13.
  • Hi Sandip, For the benefit of fellow applicants can you.... 07 Aug '13.
Hi Sandip,
For the benefit of fellow applicants can you share some information about your profile - GMAT Score - Work Ex - GPA and some idea about your experience with the Simon AdCom?
Sandip Anurag @sandipanurag

Congratulations!! So are you taking it....You seem to have more than one admit ( from your other posts)

Hi, For those who have received admits from Purdue. Guys can you please tell as to how many days after the guys received the admit..

@venkat4mba @madhumathy

I applied in R2....I had my interview on 14/01/2013. Awaiting results....

I had my interview on 14/01/2013.... haven't heard from UMD till now..

Anybody else facing a similar situation?

Hi, Venkat,

I am a R2 applicant, Have received a call for Interview. It would be great if you could share the probable questions?


Incidentally I never had never heard of this school before, but after a decent amount of research, came to the conclusion that this is a pretty different school with an over all perspective, which i guess draws me towards it, I have few queries though:

1. My professional work-ex is on the higher side (Close to 6 years ), Now i would like to know if people from this work-ex bracket are there in your current batch?

2. My Remuneration is also a little on the higher side...close to double digit, what is your advice on ROI?

3.I had taken GMAT some 1 year back but have a poor score of 570 due to poor preparation & work pressures, My academics are above average & lots of co-curriculars in school, college, Awards in Professional work.

The question is : whether I should apply with this score or try to Take GMAT again.

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I am looking to apply for the Nov'11 intake.
I had taken the SPJAT on sept 5 2010.

I was told at that time that this would be valid till NOV '11 intake.

Please calrify?

hi freinds,
This is anurag having a experince of 9 months in the feild of IT,this is my last attempt to CAT.

My last two attempts were a disaster....coz' didnt focus ........hope to make it big this time......

hi, i havent heard f any IMT dubai..though i have heard of spjain dubai....and singapore...this is news to me...


this is a surprising news..
ne idea abt the placements..faculty..anything which shld motivate the students to spend 15lac at imt dubai??

i applied to spjain dubai as well..but no news as of now..CAT 90.69%