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Hi.....Surprised how were u following SIOM these many days??? Neways , Best of luck...and hope you have not compromised..;)

Hi.Vision..reshooting the query..would like to know what roles are offered in Service Operations??
As far as SIOM is concerned Genpact, Entercoms etc..come there to offer service operations roles..

Secondly i have a 37 months experience in After Sales Services dept. of high pressure recip. compressor manufacturing company. My responsibilities included Complaint Handling, Revamp reconditioning, Provide Training, Sales of services/ spare parts and also execution, was also key user for CRM module of INFOR LN..

What certification would help me ?? (CPIM/CSCP) I am looking my self for a role in analytics especially in service domain...

would appreciate if you could help me

Bro..proving the worth of SIOM will definitely depend on you mate...In terms of ctc you are talking, it is as high as 20 lacs and as low as may be what is urs rt nw.....

Secondly an 'why MBA' is necessarily a question u need to answer, other-wise u may also end up taking a higher ctc in your current role and with a paymaster like Vedanta under your belt..

I hope i am clear..:)

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Thanks Vision...would be great if you could discuss with some profiles..As far as SIOM is concerned Entercoms, Eclercx, Genpact..are some of them offering roles in Service Management


will be pursuing Operations from SIOM, Nasik...

have a previous work-ex (37 months) in After Sales Services for a compressor manufacturing company.

I intend to specialize in Service Operations/Analytics.

Can you brief me about the opportunities ??



Hi...Can you jus let me know .... whether it's Simple Intrest continued in the EMI period for CREDILIA??

Finally the day has come for me..........

Selected for SIOM...

Thank u GOD !:)

Hey Shashanka, hrishi.....see u on the campus...

Ther'l be a party Tonight..........:)))))

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when is the next waitlist/shortlist expected??

Thanks...Muniskas would join soon as i convert...

Hey All...Congrats for those who have converted and all the best for the wait-listed.. (me too in the same bus). Me a die-hard aspirant for Operations and after NITIE, IIT's , SP Jain, think SIOM is the nxt destination..(looking forward a career in Service Operations management) Seeing the growth rate of SIOM , there is not an iota of doubt about it taking a place in the list of elite B schools.I left Great Lakes, Chennai although had converted it. Now wait listed at no.13.Hope to convert it on the APRIL 2nd.Guys,some-one of the converts can initiate an FB group for 'SIOM 2012-14' to have a close interaction with the future classmates, room partners, company mates, and may be what not.....
Also requesting Shashanka Bhai, Hrishi sail us through some things like..How would be the Life@SIOM..things to be looked out for...,SIOM achievements.., some placement insights..., abt the faculty (core and visiting)..expecting a buzz guys....:grin::grin::grin: