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Imagine there is no CAT,
It's easy if you try.
No acads to bother us,
No GD, no PI.
Imagine no engineer
need to write essays.

Imagine there's no QA,
It isn't hard to do.
No DI to kill or die for,
And no Verbal too.
Imagine all the people
going to the IIMs.

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one.


@ mithles and eminesque, thanks for ur suggestions guys.

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hi. i'm also appearing for CAT 2011.

one thing i'd like to discuss here is how you schedule your study. i've 6 day week at office, and i've to commute daily from north delhi to gurgaon. so it eats up most of my day from 8am-8:30 pm. then i study QA/VA/DI abt 2.5 hrs, each subject twice a week. but don't feel like studying at all on sundays.

how u guys manage ur study?

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it was my first face-off with aimcat after cat 2008. it went on like this:

OA- 41 marks, 45% attempt, 63% accuracy
QA-14m, 30% atmpt, 83% acc.
VA-15m, 65% atmpt. 54% acc.
DI-12m, 40% atmpt. 62.5% acc.

the score sucks . but it's an eye opener too. i could solve many questions to a few steps but then got stuck in the end. need to work more on basics.

one thing i want to know puys, i'd joined TIME regular course in 2008 and i'm studying from the same material i got at that time. has TIME made any significant updates in their material which won't be there in the older one i've got? anyone having the latest material pls reply. one more thing, i've made an excel sheet to track aimcat performance which i'm attaching here. i think it may be useful for you.

enough talk. it's time now to roll up the sleeves and get dirty with it. good luck to all :thumbsup:

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hi's Sandeep this side. i'm also preparing for cat 2011. i'm working in a telecom company for the past 1 yr, and put up in sec-56. count me too in the group.

Question for 6th Feb :
Who is the one person who you consider your hero/idol in life and why ?

it's my father...because i know him more than i know anyone else :). during my childhood, i had had several idols like einstein, bruce lee, a.r. rahman, even scooge mcduck (all round development you see ). but then i realised that we know about these people only as much as they've chosen to share with others. the person i knw most about is my dad...n the efforts a father makes to support his children all through their infancy, childhood, teenage, marriage n even after that is incomparable. so for me, this honor will always be reserved for my dad :cheerio:.
kosten for 7th feb

what's the one application in your computer that you just can't do without

concise oxford dictionary :thumbsup:
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Question for 4th February :

Give an instance of an "unfinished business" with someone/something in your life. .

yes, i too have a few unfinished businesses, but as rahicream keep the mood light, i'll tell the least important one.

during our childhood, we used to live in a shared flat with the family of my father's friend. his son was totally a numskull and was always jealous of me. we were in same school n he was always on the lookout to make false complaints about me to teachers. when we were 2nd class, one day he eavesdropped when i was with a group of boys n told the teacher tht i was talking cheap n dirty about girls (which another boy was). the teacher came to our class, forcibly removed my shirt n gave me reds and blues all over n warned me to never repeat such act again. i was too scared n didn't tell my parents abt it. tht was my most humiliating experience.

the following day, i gave tht guy a good beating in his a** . but people don't easily change. he still tried such things some more times but i could dodge his blows then.

in class 3 we shifted to another house n didn't meet him for a long time. after several years, they shifted near our house. we'd grown up then. we still meet sometimes n talk. though i don't wish him any harm now, i'd definitely like to remind him of wat he'd done when the right time comes .
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Ques for 2nd Feb-

TITLE-lost n found :w00t:

Have u ever lost something very precious or lucky to u but found it mysteriously after a certain period of time?

it was my cellphone. on the very first day when i joined the job, just before entering the office premises i got a call. it might have slipped when i was putting it back in my pocket. after around half an hour wen i had to make a call, i found it missing. i rummaged through my bag but no luck. i called on my no. but it was going switched off. i was like :banghead:. job ke first day hi khona tha. 2-3 din wait kar leta wo. i searched all over n called several times but no luck still. prior to this, both my dad n brother had lost their i consoled myself thinking that i'm just continuing the legacy n it was predestined in my genes . before leaving office, i made one last call n this time it rang :w00t:. a person answered n said tht he found the fone near office gate n it was turned off, n tht i could collect it from him. i couldn't be more happy. i met tht person n thanked him. it was precious to me 'coz i bought it from the stipend money i used to get during training n was the first major purchase i made for myself.
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Would you give up the internet access and your cell phone up for a day??

yes, i can give up cell phone any day. i work in telecom industry and need to make as well as attend a lot of calls everyday . i'd definitely like to go for it.

as for internet, i can manage without it.
the question for the 31st of January
" If not MBA then what ?"

if not MBA, then PGDM or PGDCM or MIB or likes :biggrin:
jokes apart, if not MBA, then i'd like to go for masters in communication engineering.
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Do you think marriage is necessary for that bond between 2 people(husband n wife after marriage) to be unbreakable?

love, compatibility, understanding for each other and commitment makes a relationship survive through the ups and downs of life. marriage adds one more degree of commitment to the relationship. yeah, love can survive without marriage. but when you can get more, then why settle for less
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