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converted IIT-B... joining....

thanks puys for all help !!!

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finally converted SJMSOM... wow... what a feeling !!!

Initally waitlisted 25 in OBc category
then moved to 9-4 and in third waitlist movement i have converted it...

thanks Siva, alka and whole admission comittee for flawless process !!!
looking forward to meet you all



can anyone give the links where we can get to read about marketing fundamentals, new concepts, strategies and case studies.

my waitlist no is 25 in NC-OBC category...
is there any hope to get convert?
anyone knows what was the waitlist movement last year ?

anyways it was really wonderful experience overall with Jmet exam and GDPI process at SJMSOM..
would love to be there... lets hope waitlist movement will happen in my favor..

for those who have converted, congratulations !!!

Hi puys,
Please help me...
SJMSOM result is out.
and my waitlist no is 25...
is there any hope to get convert?
anyone knows what was the waitlist movement last year ?

Please answer

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They are not temples... we made them temples...

Hey Keith,
Thanks for bringing very good points to the discussion.
it will be definately difficult for the work ex guys as panel have lot more things to ask them other than that of acads.
but the same time there is one advantage that I can see, while acad answers the panel can go deep and deep as much he wants but while work-ex questions we can drive the panel, as they might not completely aware of particular job or profile so if one is not confident about particular thing, responsiblity at work, he can avoid it in the discussion.
other than that domain knowledge, comapany's profile. competitiors, why MBA at this stage, everyone should prepare this questions comprehensively. These are all must-do.

one suggestion:
can we have a common blog where we can discuss all above topics through comments under well defined categories.
otherwise we will have lots of scattered discussions.

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lalaninja Says
Hey, I am new here. Didn't MH-CET people decieved students/aspirants by showing the sample questions/pattern in the 'Information brochure-2011' in an easier format and the real question being this hard and not at all related to those sample questions? I have the brochure of 2011 as well as of 2010. The set of 75 sample questions were same in both the brochures. It is like cheating with the consumers by the shopowners/dealers when they give you some good and positive information about a product and cheat by handing you an entirely different and unrelated product. I say you this is wrong very wrong and unfair.

go ahead and sue them...
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So the season, one of the worst one for MBA aspirants, has come to an end wid a surprisingly tough CET 2011 paper.

Now its time to prepare for the next stage

Plz continue the discussions here: ( MHCET 2011 GDPI Preparation)

ATB to all puys!!

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Hello people!

We have done with written exam,so lets prepare for the next stage.
As paper was difficult and scores will fall, early GDPI preparation will help us to make a good score overall.
Be ready for surprises, may be they will introduce Essay Writing this year :)

We can share GDPI tips,experiences.
We can discuss the current affairs, abstract topics, case studies.
We can answer specific doubts, queries regrading CET GDPI.

MOD -may be it's too early to open this thread.
but it is better to prepare for the next stage than to cry over the things which are not in our hand.

SO let's Begin.

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