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ny one joining IIM L here ???

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CAT 09: Total 2048 Calls for around 425 seats IIM Lucknow Call Getters Discussion: 78]
CAT 10: Total 1925 Calls for around 384 seats IIM Lucknow Call Getters Discussion: 156 and running]
Nothing better to describe how this term was coined: ''Numbers speak for themselves''

uuuggh....i thought it was 425 this year as well!!!! dat 41 seats would have determined 41 lives!!

Congrats everyone who have converted the calls... I am still waiting for the rest of the IIM results. Any idea when i Lucknow and Indore coming out?? and also RRRT?? ....Read Kozikode is in first week of may.

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Hello Seniors,

Do we have to submit the original marksheet during the counseling if our seat is confirmed /waitlisted or is it just for verification???

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yesterday 07/04/2011--- a GD/PI took place....anyone care to share the experience....what were the GD topics, Extempore..

I read the counseling dates is 16th (sc/st) and 17th (general) of this month. Is this official?? Do we need to submit the fee during this time??

Any one who appeared for DSE interview ( MIB and MHROD) ?? wanted to know how many seats r there in total..also seats for SC and ST respectively.

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hello guys, My friend 75 percentile in Feb Mat. Could you please advise which r the gud colleges dat he is eligible to apppy to? Rght now we know h in bangaloree can apply for Alliance. Can he also apply for ITM navi mumbai nad SIES? wots thw cutoff for these colleges? cut off details r not mentioned in their website

He has work exp of 31 months.

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Does BIM tricy consider SC/ST from other states o onlt Tamil nadu??

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Hello Guys,

I had my GDPI today for the new IIMs(all 4) today at 12 today.

As I reached the venue I was suprised to find out that I was the only female candidate out of the 35 candidates for the slot! I think it was intra, (sc/st/obc). Anyways here goes my exp..


GD topic: Private sector effecient than the public sector. Will better mangement help to take forward the public sector or Private sector is anyways better.O are we being biased in selecting o chosing private sector...blah blah ( the topic was almost 4-5 lines so i don remember every line, but that was the main theme that I could make out)
Members:8 ( 2 were not present)
Time:10 min
GD was fyn if not very gud, 10 min is ample of tym to give a few points. I entered the discussions for 3-4 times.

For PI, it was held immediately after the GD in a serial order so the same panel who took my GD took the PI. (3 panels, P1, P2, P3)
time: dint take note but must have been 20-30 min

As soon as I entered:
P2: Please close the door
Me: Yes Sir, (goodafter noon...)
P2: please tell me about youself, family, education, work, anything just talk for 2 min and enlighten us( without looking at my face, shuffling the papers...I had not even sat)

P2: So you have done your biotechnology now, y do you want to do MBA. Females are fragile they are better doing research jobs why do you want something like this job which is tuff and has pressure.
P3: yea...why not research? U say u r hardworking , quicklearner... n all den y mba which is so generic..
Me: Sir, told ( y not research nmba).
And comin to you previous question taht Females are inferiour to males as mangers, I do not think they are any bad. Gave few examples...Abt hardwork and quicklearner..Sir, I was the youngest trainer in my process. I worked in a finance sector but i never let my mangement give a chance to point out that my education background is different, infact i excelled in it.

Both seemed satisfied, may b not too much but they din ask anything further.

P3: so what is bio informatics?
P3:you are telling only the generic thing, give me specific details
me:told him abt DNA, then protein sequencing, then how it is applied with computer application to get an analysis.
P3:what is it used in?
P2: so do you think the DNA confirmation is 100% reliable.
Me:Yes sir definately.
P1: do you kno any case
me:Sir in India or international?
ME:not sure in india but i do knw some egs which made news internationally...gave
P2:we had a case in india where they said its not reliable.
Me:me explained y it is reliable.. (again the protein secqencing theory!:) )
P2:Have u heard so case( I forgot the case that he said..some ex governor)
Me:No sir.
P2: okay..

P1:what do you think of human cloning?
me: told
P1: have you heard of steam cell culture?
Me:yes sir, blah blah blah..(wot it is, n how it is benificail)

P3: so you left your work almost 6 months, were you preparing for cat.
Me: No sir, I had to leave the job...because...blah blah...due to relocation....( seemed satisfied)

P1: you had Bio stats as you sub ( my most dreaded question i don remember a single thing from that sub)
Me: it was a very basic thing we did...lab,exp,hows we made stat..
P1 interuppted: no what did you do.. actaully, there are some formulas in stats...basic ones...
Me: ...stuck to know only the basics (not satisfied)
P1: If i give you 90, P2 gives you 90 points and p3 gives 10 den how will you calculate
Me: calculated...n said the avg
P1: don you think there is more better way of finding den the avg? (smiling)
Me:MEan, median
P3: mean mdian and wot else??
Me: dont know sir
P1:mode??? and smiled
Me: o yes sir, mode!!!! (exclamation :))... how could i forget this!!!)
P1:so wot do you think of mode
Me: sorry Sir, it been a long tym i have forgotten abt it need to brush up ( never studied this even for cat :(...i never liked stats!).....
P1: ok okay...n smiled...(dono if he genuenely smiled at my blunder) :).. but he seemed like a nice guy )

P2: so you said you sketch...sketch any of us!!!!!!!!!!!
P1 and P3: pitched in ..u can draw any of us...!!
pushed the note pad in fron of me n said use any thing pencil o pen..
sketched P3!! they were totally quiet fo 2-3 min when I sketched him..( was expecting some more questions when i was sketching)
handed over: P1 and P3 looked satisfied... gud..very gud..( sketched turned out okay and resembled P2...thankfully)
P2: so u r from a small state..tell me the things u like abt your state
Me: told..properly...give points 1,2,3,4..and explained y.. (seemed satisfied)

P2: wot are you plans if you don get through the IIMs this year.
Me: told, work and will give cat again dis year
P3: so u were talking abt work, will the company take you back again?
ME: yes, sir, I see no reason they will not take me. I was doing gud in my carrer....blah blah..

P2: (again back to state)why don u fight for your own kingdom like bhutan,
Me: I started off said of wot i had heard abt the kindship from my father n the elders ( they nodded in agreement n interested) told them tales abt kingship...of wot i had heard..n all... why werent the subjects happy...blah blah.. told abt heritage.. ( they were nodding so assuming they were satisfied )
P2: so u r happy being a part of India.
Me: yes sir , definately, to be a part of a country has its plus points specially when it is growing economically so strong. Its hard fo a small kingdo to survive.

P2 and 3: okay thank you.
Me:thank you sir

while getting up still collecting my file, P2: so wot all calls did you get?
Me:told ( I was already up and ready to go, din know if i had to sit back again nyways answered them standing)
P2: so lucknow interview over?
Me: yes sir
P2, P3: how did it go?
Me: it was gud sir.mostly it was abt my place and my work.
P2: okay..
Me: it was fyn, almost the same as this one ( smiles all over again)

Overall..the ineterview was all filled with smiles...except for the biostat query!! :(:(..
Hope dis helps...specially if someones from bio background.. it was more of acads fo me than work...

Sorry guys couldnt summarise it further...think its become very lengthy..( as lengthy as my PI..thinking it went fo or over half an hour)

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