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called up kj somaiya....
me: can u temme wen is d ils list gonna b out..tentatively...
management: no idea at all...u check d web site..

Well my friend...this is the reply that you will always get when you call SIMSR. and on top of that this is said in not so pleasant tone infact bordering on rude. i had called up once to ask the same question, got the same reply..and when i asked if the forms will be open again as the date was over..i was told very rudely "its not possible..aisa kaise hoga!" and next day the website showed that the ILS forms were open again.. dont know why is that they dont give honest answers and help the frustrated candidate..

Hi Digital..

One of my frnd is confused between Xaviers and Chetna..which one is better in terms of faculty and placements?? thanks!

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Digital Says
Sinhgad Pune... Congrats on geting WE

Thanks!! and Congrats to you too!!! are you from Pune univ??
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Digital Says
do update me with what happens in CAP 2.. best of luck

Hi Digital..

Which college did you get?? You have been helping so many people with their colleges..
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Hi Puys,

My Score is 182/240

Home University: Mumbai University

State General Merit No.: 303
University General Merit No.: 266

Applied for: JB, SIMSREE, Somaiya, Welingkar

Can someone please tell me which college I've got through? I'll be really thankful!

Hi Poo123

I also have 182/240..State rank into welingkar I am sure even you must have got it!!! all the best!!

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Hi puys..

the link is up again just checked it!!!..all the best!!

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Hi puys..

Congrats to all who hve got in SIMSR in GLMS!! :-o...I am waiting for ILS!!
Had a query...if i get selected from ILS do we have to submit 5 attested copies of the documents??

Drakthus Says
Hey guys, i just came to knw tht this yr everyone's eligible for ILS seats n not just gujju minority. So i'll have to make the DD on monday morning n the only option is to submit the form manually by going to the college myself as courier wont reach b4 the deadline of monday 5pm. Can i do tht?

Hi can do that..even i had personally submitted the form!
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saurabh:-) Says
last date??????

Whats your score/rank??
Puys I haven't received my score-card yet. I sent someone to the DTE office to enquire where he was told that the cards have been dispatched and duplicate card will only be issued on the college's request ! I hope this doesn't cause any trouble during the admission procedure. I tried calling the dte office but the phones are always busy. I am very tensed. I am in delhi so can't go to the office personally. Please tell me what to do.

Thanks in advance.

At same time you can ask someone to go to post office near your house from where you get normal posts..see if they have received..sometimes they take their own sweet time to send it if they havent then maybe you can try to ask for duplicate to dte..i am not sure of the process for duplicate score card..hope this helps!! all the best!
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