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My Score:

EU - 22 (Much better than the previous )
QA - 8 :neutral: :neutral: (SAD)
DI - 8 :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: (Very SaD)

Total: 38

hav a doubt in q)70
last line says "for all the q that follow assume india wins all its tests"
so it shud get 6 pts from aus,paki, sa each and 3 pts from england
so total pts gained is 21 hence total = 132 (111+21) ans shud be (4) none of these
why in the solution are they trying to minimize scores of all others . last line of the q shud make all that crap unnecessary
what say ppl ? do you think the question shud hav been sth else or am i making a mistake

Even I got the answer as 132... Need to clarify...any more inputs?

My scores are:

EU - 12
Quant - 10 (100 % accuracy but attempted less)
DI - 5 :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: (Dont know how could i get more marks)

Total - 27 :wow:

Also ..on PG itself you can enroll for



Thanks a lot. This doc and link really helpful. Looking for more links to practice.

Hey folks,

Nice to see a thread for office Goers....

I am also looking for CAT 2006... Taking into account the changing pattern in last couple of years, With DI the strongest one in CAT 2005, If some body can help on how to prepare for DI.

I have few notes but not able to work upon that level which could get me through. If anyone has any online links (best way) or some post.


QA - 12.67
VA - 11.67 :angry:
DI - 9

Total - 33.34

Can anybody help on how to prep for DI in particular??

Hi All,

I want some info about 1 year program at SP Jain. How good it is?? What is placement scenario. When to apply and when is the Test?

Hey Folks!!

My scores are: (Taking -1/3 cut-off)

Eng - 25

DI - 17
Quant - 3.33 :whatthat: (Can someone teach me this )

Total = 45.33 :x