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Nitesh Wasnik @Deadmau5
Looking for feedback. My profile is as follows: Xth- 82.33 % ( State Board) XIIth-68.00 % (State Board) B Tech (Mech)- 8.71 CGPA Work Ex- 4 Years 9 Months (as on 2.05.2015) in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Oil and Gas sector)
Sam Wanderer @samboy123

Marks of class XII need to be compensated with the GMAT take that looks good and depends on your application !

Suman Kakkar @rawpoems
Hi folks!! i just wrote GMAT today and scored a 710. Firstly , can you advise me if my score is good enough ,if my profile is strong ? I work in the Oil & Energy sector as a Customer Developer, meaning that I'm in a market facing role . I 'll have a work ex of over 3 years by the time I apply for...
Sam Wanderer @samboy123

@rawpoems - ISB and most B-Schools consider your best attempt. So, don't worry on that front. 

Suman Kakkar @rawpoems
Hi folks!! i just wrote GMAT today and scored a 710. Firstly , can you advise me if my score is good enough ,if my profile is strong ? I work in the Oil & Energy sector as a Customer Developer, meaning that I'm in a market facing role . I 'll have a work ex of over 3 years by the time I apply for...
Sam Wanderer @samboy123

Personal Advice - Because you have time at hand, take the GMAT again to target 730-740. I will strongly advise taking the exam again as this will improve your chances of final selection. Start working on your application early. No doubt in the fact that even with a good score, uncooked essays can ruin your application. Best of luck! (Alum)


What %ile would a GMAT score of 710 be equivalent to ? Wondering if 710 can fetch a score based call as it generally would do for a 98+ in CAT/XAT (I know the profile matters a lot, but still want to get an idea)

It shows as 92%ile on GMAT, is it equivalent to 92 on a level of CAT/XAT as well ??


I got 2 emails.

One was verification complete status mail.

The 2nd one to explain the gap b/w undergrad degree completion and start of work (Joining was delayed by an year due to recession)

Would the gap be taken too negatively and hamper my chance...anyone has any idea ???

Waiting for the day when I would resign and XL hamesha ke liye mera ho jayega.

Ghar wale bol rahe hai that I should resume my life thinking I have not made it so that an averse result doesnt impact me ..... but cant imagine myself failing....have done that enuff....

XL Meri Jaaaan

This interview is for the course: (BM or HRM) HRM
Other calls: (other XL calls, other institute calls) XL-BM (Dont even have the courage to write the experience as was raped and would like to forget it as a nightmare), SPJain(Reject after Immersion)

XAT percentile: 97.14
Interview Centre: New Delhi

Educational Profile
X: 87.6
XII: 85.4
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 76.2
Any other professional certification or course undertaken: NA

Work profile (if applicable)
Number of months : 32
Sector/Industry : IT
Special achievements at work : Yes, but not asked/told in interviews :nono:
Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary) :

Regarding GD/Group Exercise
GD/GE Topic: (only if you had a GD/GE) GDP Growth and Farmer Suicide - The Real Story
Number of participants: 8 Present, 4 Absent
Duration: 2 Minutes to Think, 12 Minutes to Discuss and 1 Minute to Conclude

Brief snapshot of discussion: Initiated the GD and spoke a lot with 7-8 quality entries. People were speaking at the same time so it was a bit chaotic. Either I was the best speaker or would have been considered as aggressive and hence the worst.(Read on and you would know why I am saying so) A couple of people were very quiet and a couple of them were speaking a lot.

About the panel
Panelists Intro: P1 - Mrs Smitu Malhotra
P2 - T Bandyopadhyay
P3 -M G Joman
Me - Me, the Murgaa

Some words about the panel and its general behavior/conduct: Very chilled out panel, although they grilled me but no stress.

PI Questions: Was 1st to be called in

P2 - Sign on this sheet.
Me - Obliged

P2 - You had BM Call?
Me - Yes

P2 - When was the interview?
Me - 21st

P2 - So, what is your area of work in office?
Me - SAP XXXX...

P2 - What? (I repeat) Oh SAP.
Me - Yes sir but it should not be pronounced like that! (I hope he knew German mein Gaali hoti hai)

P2 - What is the full form of SAP?
Me - System Analysis and Products

P2 - Who is the client?
Me - Told

P2 - So, explain what you do
Me - Start explaining

P2- (cuts me) what is your team size
Me - Told

P2 - What is the break up, the hierarchy?
Me- Told
(P2 confused me a bit)

P2 - You are a Computer Engineer (takes the file from P3 and looks at the subjects). You remember Digital Signal Processing?
Me - No

P2 - Oh you had General Fitness also.must have got a A+ in that!!!
(Smiles all around) :grin:

Me - Can't say, but yes would have done well

P2 - What does a Compiler do?
Me - Told.

P2 - Which subject do you remember?
Me - (After a pause) Software Engineering

P2 - OSI Model layersName a few
Me - Physical, Application, Presentation.

P2 - So which is at the top?
Me - Presentation

P2 - Are you sure?
Me - Yes Sir (Ans is Application)
Also, there is Data Link Layer
There are 7 layers in total. Should I try to remember more?

P2 - No, you named 3 so that is fine (Seems satisfied and signals he is done. He was asking me questions as if he was doing a a very light mood)
(P3 takes over and grilling starts)

P3 - What was the topic of the Group Discussion?
Me - Told

P3 - Do you think everyone got an opportunity to speak in the GD?
Me - Yes sir, everyone got an opportunity but some people did not capitalize on their opportunities

P3 - Why did No 8 not speak?
Me - Sir, can't say but he did say Project Aadhar once..So he had an opportunity, an idea but did not capitalize.

P3 - Do you think it is good that a physically strong person beats up a physically weak person? (Must be referring to me. I was taken aback and shocked)

Me - Err.sir what?

(P2 jumps in)
P2- Did you not understand the question?
Me - Sir, if you are talking about the GD then I don't think the physical appearance matters unless you are physically obstructing someone. So it is not a question of physical strength.

P3 - Name few ways of "Obstruction" in a GD (Seems bit irritated)
Me - First is if people continue speaking at the same time like they were in this GDP3 Cuts me

P3 - Okay, so why do you think people did not speak? (Kitni baar poochoge sir)
Me - They didbut problem was that they were speaking at the same timehad opportunities

P3 - Do you think Farmers had opportunities?
Me - Yes

P3 tries to confuse me a bit
Me - Sir, are you asking about opportunities available to Farmers or people in GD??

P3 (grinning) - I am asking both at the same time!!what is the difference?? (Haan bada acha question poocha..holo aap khush)
Me - Farmers are illiterate, don't know how to use the opportunities, and don't have knowledge. But in GD people know what to expect and are prepared before they come.:grin:

P2 - Did you give others a chance to speak (asks in a very low voice)
Me - Tried to maintain a balance..Sir honestly speaking (Sheepish smileBacchhe ki jaaan loge kya abb. In the GD I had stopped twice and given others a chance )

P2- Who was the best according to you in the GD, leaving yourself?
Me - The guy sitting on my left

P1 - He was quiet the whole discussion
Me - No not him

P1 - You mean the diagonally left. The guy who was speaking a lot??
Me - Yes, the 5th Guy.

P2 - Was he allowing others to speak? (Aapko ye banda culprit lag raha that toh mujhe kyu ye sab bola!)
Me - He was a mixed bag. At times he was listening, but most of the times he was speaking

P3 - So, you really liked the topic it seems (Wah Wah abb aaya mazaa):biggrin:
Me - Yes! , Actually I really like watching the political discussions on the news channels and this topic comes up regularly in different ways.

(Rapid Fire starts)
P3 - Who is the Petroleum Minister?
Me - S Jaipal Reddy

P3 - Railway Minister?
Me - Mukul Roy (P3 seems bit surprised with the quick replies)

P3 - His deputy? (Achaa Sirji meri maaroge abb aap !)
Me - You mean MoSI don't know:nono:

P3 - Home Minister?
Me - P Chidambram

P3 - MoS?
Me - Don't Know

P3 - Minister who is responsible for electricity?
Me- You mean Power Minister.dont know
Actually I knew the others as they had been in news recently, but he hasn't been.So
(Smiles all around)

P3 - Then you must know the Defense Minister
Me - Yes! AK Antony (Sitter hai Uncle)
(Smiles all around)

P3 - MoS ?
Me - Don't Know (Should have tried to remember Pallam Raju as he was in news that day)

P3 - Name the 3 Service Chiefs
Me - Army it is Gen VK MalikAir Force it is.(Cut)

P2 - Malik??? (kya bakwaas kar rahe ho bhai)
Me - Oh sorry sir, he is Gen VK Singh. Gen VP Malik was there earlier at the time of the Kargil War

P3 - Okay carry on
Me - Army: Gen VK Singh
Air Force: Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne
Navy: Admiral Nirmal Verma, but I am not sure about him.
(P3 Signals that he is done and P1 takes over)

P1 - Tell me about Project Aadhar. Who started it?
Me - Started by Unique Identification Authority of India headed by Nandan Nilekani of Infosys, A Govt. of India initiative. Do you want me to speak more?

P1 - No, tell me about E-Choupal. Who started it? (Had given the example of E-Choupal in the GD)
Me - ITC

P1 - What is E-Choupal?
Me - Explained

P1 - In which states has it been implemented?
Me - As I had said earlier, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, must have been in West Bengal. (WB mein nai hua actually)

P1 - Why would ITC launch such a thing? What is the use to them?
Me - CSR ke fundae..Brand value of company increases..shows them as a socially responsible company and their products are related

P1 - Say you are a manager and company is running in lossess..would you cut CSR?
Me - I would see if there is too much money going into it, then would cut

P1 - How would you judge?
Me- Mam, say for E-Choupal I would see if there is too much money being put into Infrastructure

P1 - Do you know the number of villages in India?
Me - Don't Know (Papa ne bataya tha interview se pehle, par bachche kaha sunte hain -640k)

P1 - What is the infrastructure required?
Me- Computers

P1 - What is required for that?
Me - Electricity

P1 - No nowhat else for computers
Me - Optical Fibres
(May be she was looking for Satellites or Kiosks or ACs.)

P1 - Okay leave that. What is ITC famous for?
Me - CigarettesClassic

P1 - What is it made of? (Ye kyu Poocha!)
Me - Tobacco

P2 - Which is the most consumed cigarette in India?
Me - I am not able to remember the name. My Team Lead smokes that brand!! (It is Gold Flake I think)
(P2 Smiles a bit)

P1 - So, apart from CSR what is the use to ITC of E-Choupal?
Me - Ashirwad AattaThey buy directly from farmers. No middle men. Win-Win Situation for both farmers and the company.

P1 - What is it made of? (Mazaak kar rahe ho kya)
Me - Wheat:biggrin:

P1 - Other products of ITC?
Me - Vivel Soap

P1 - Name more (Kitne bas bhi karo)
Me- Aggarbattis and Dhoops !!
(She might have been looking for Wills Lifestyle!)

P1 - Okay. In a scenario where you need a deal done and need to pay a bribe to govt officials, will you pay the bribe?
Me - Mam, I would never pay the bribe (Full Emotions)

P1 - You will not get the contract and it is critical for the company
Me - I will tell my senior and take him into confidence and complain against the person who asked for the bribe

P1 - Your senior says pay the bribe!
Me - I will go to his senior (Chhodungaa Nahi!)
Also, I will go to the senior of the govt official

P1- No one will listen to you in Govt
Me - There are good people too in govt. Like recently we saw example to AK Antony and VK Singh

Says she is done to P2 who asks me to pick my file and leave
Me - Should I send the next guy in?

P1 - No. We will call ourselves
Me - Thank You Mam. Thank You Sir

Absolutely nothing on Why HR, Details of HR, Labour Laws or Why MBA
About 30-35 Minute Interview. Enjoyed it completely !

Any other details that you think are relevant: Make or Break for me Would welcome any reviews through PM or if you were in that GD lets have a talk.

Your advice for future aspirants:
Prepare well and try to take the interview to your strengths.

Verdict: Straight Reject :(.....shattered.Honestly speaking I expected a straight convert. Maybe should have made 4-5 enteries instead of 7-8...still the PI gave me hope. Dejected..
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That bald guy you are referring to is Soumendra Bagchi...the head of Admissions this year.
He is a civil engg and Fellow from IIM A

He spoiled my interview as well. So much so that he got up and left mid way!

Jiske interview panel mein wo ho ...bhagwaan bachaye usse

Total GMD.

Best of luck to the guys in Bangalore

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This was panel no:2 on 25th march at Delhi

Smitu Malhotra - XLRI - Jamshedpur :: Faculty

Trishit Bandhyopadhyay - XLRI - Jamshedpur :: Faculty

M G Jomon - XLRI - Jamshedpur :: Faculty

Thanks for the information.It would be great if you could post your experience as well.

In any case..Best of luck !
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