Hi Bro?Will our Signatures be exported any time soon?

Is there any provision for BADGEs in the new version?

  • signatures shall mostly come soon. badges will take some .... 23 Jun.
Sandeep Kalidindi @deepu 40.6 k

signatures shall mostly come soon. badges will take some time. 

jamesh bharadwaj @insanebasilisk
what is the procedure to withdraw admission?
Sambit Rath @sambit_beta

write a mail to admissions office

Miseera @sumit_pandit
Lol Ye ho kya raha h I'm posting on my own Profile :D

did u reach mumbai? when do the classes start??

  • haan bhai there already classes have started. 15 Jun.
  • great. 16 Jun.

dafaq man!!!! What Happened to PG?? Can't see my signature..Can't see any notifications...again a  new look...

  • Dafaq Man something wrong has happened :disappointed: I.... 11 Jun.
Miseera @sumit_pandit 71

Dafaq Man something wrong has happened I'm unable to log in and Mera account dusra show kar raha h and Miseera ka Dusra :( 

@pagalguy : I can't see my signature.

  • not imported yet. will take a week for us to import signa.... 11 Jun.
  • ohhk...bro (Y). 11 Jun.
try yourbest @tryyourbest
I think its finally time to put my story on this threa*d.* * * *Read only if you can bear the length, its pretty long :stuck_out_tongue: * Its not very inspiring or special but its mine and will always be special to me. So, I knew I wanted to go for my MBA right from grad but tho...
Harshal Modi @grondmaster
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