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one more thing....
salmanfaraaz, sara din wahan bore to nhi honge yaar....
warna kisi frd ko pakad ke le jaaye... :P

serious question hai.. :)

What happened@ ALliance?
one more thing....
salmanfaraaz, sara din wahan bore to nhi honge yaar....
warna kisi frd ko pakad ke le jaaye... :P

serious question hai.. :)

No! U will not get bored coz they will not give u any chance to be free..They will have all these rounds for long durations and will give u all the info abt the college and facilities. Please clear your doubts from seniors who will be around to help u with the processes.
hope so salmanfaraaz bhai... :)
thanks for appreciation...

All the best! All that you need to showcase is Confidence in yourself!!
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i think alliance is far better thn christ, christ has some internal politics which i heard by their existing student, as Alliance doesn't seem anything like internal politics if u have potential you will be welcome with good package at the time of placement..

Anyways m also waiting for my turn, which is just tomorrow..hoping for best..

BE (cs)=60%
work ex=15 months

is it good for alliance???

You will make it easily!!
veer03 Says
but on 19th i have my alliance gd/pi .. n if selected i have to pay a non-refundable 50k. n i cnt miss dis seat.. as m tired of being rejected everywhere.... i feel wasted n lost...

Please post your 10th,12th,degree program and MAT scores for better suggestions.
veer03 Says
what if u dont have any other option.... i have 97%ile in mat.. n no calls ...alliance seems to b the safest option now...

There is still tons of time. Christ session 2 application is open. PES-IUP program which I am joining is open for GDPI on March 3rd which is the second session. You just have to chose a program carefully with minimum investment and maximum placement. Colleges like Alliance boasting of a 14.5 lakh top offer from Tally dont openly say that only one person was selected who had 3+ years experience prior to his MBA and was the best of the batch. So, for a fresher, it is still not the safest. I would atleast expect a 10 lakh job investing 16+ in Alliance which is hard to get. I hope u take your decision sensibly without panicking. Time's still there. I suggest apply in the above colleges and attend GDPI's. The returns from Christ is by far the best with a 6 lakh odd package which is sure to yield 100+ return in one year after the course.
veer03 Says
is it worth spending 12lk in alliance... i mean the placment n all.... specially for freshers...

I chose against joining this college. Its far too costly. Actually, Everything is so costly! hostel is 66,000/6 months.
hey is there any benefit for work ex. and and gud marks in MAT... ?
anyways thanks salmanfaraaz

Work ex- YES. It is very much welcome. It will improve your chances of getting selected for sure.

MAT Score- Not really. 600+ is for the eligibility. The only good thing is that you may mention your MAT score in the P.I just for the edge like i did with my 97% in MAT.
well not yet, a bit nervous though.
thank u and all the best :)

Your welcome buddy! All the best to u too;) Cheers!!
ssk2crazy Says
what was competiton ratio for gd/pi?

Depends on the batches. last batch which was 23rd February batch had 200 applicants, 72 made it. This time there were 140 in which 75 made it. To keep it 2:1 to 3:1.