• Sakshi Khandelwal
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vis89shah Says
Which category ? We'r in wl so pls withdraw asap :)

Yeah will be doing it soon!!

Yeah I have converted I and have not withdrawn from there yet!!

harkirat88 Says
did anyone convert in the 4th list in general category?

I!! I!! I!!

It is night, right?

That would do, I guess!! Yeeeaaahh!!!

Seniors, can we have a facebook group?? It would help in better and smooth interaction!!

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Ho gaya!!! Yeeaah!!

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Is that for ABM???
Is thr any group of ABM of IIML on fb.. i didnt find one... if so cn u plz mail here d link....

Yeah even I converted Abm!! Even I'm surprised as I dont have the requisite background for it!!
Also when they saw my abm form, they made fun of me!! :/
no ques was asked related to the field, well, my whole interview was quite weird!! Perplexed!!

dont think anyone cares for his reputation out here .. one of the few platforms available for an MBA aspirant to vent his anger and frustration out ..
guess it is just human to do it as long as they are not maligning any institute or getting into personal attacks..
and getting bored .. huh .. u not in office probably ?
my boss keeps me busy , so saved from that.

Omg!! Chill!! Please!! You'r free to vent out your frustration and anger!! Even I'm doing the same!!
I was just kidding!! I guess you missed to read the smileys!!
And by bored I dint mean that I do not have anything to do!! I just meant that I'm not able to concentrate on anything right now!!
I hope I dint offend you!! ATB!!