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I cannot afford Rs.3200 for applying to one college when I am in the range of 70 - 80 percentile in TIME AIMCATS/CL PROCS

I think 70-80 percentile is decent score...You can work hard and improve you CAT score. Also these scores are just an indicator and your actual score may be totally different from what you are getting in AIMCATs. All the best
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Why dont you apply for both the courses. Both are equally good in each and every aspect.

actually I appeared in CAT '08 and my percentile was 85.68... This year too am giving CAT and have decided some colleges to which I need to apply but am confused about FMS (BHU)..
can anyone please throw light upon FMS (BHU) .. I have analyzed all the statistical info provided on their site ..but am wondering why is it not listed in any of the rankings..(despite being such an old institute and having high ROI)

Is the college worth it...??
Is it comparable to other private colleges which accept the same percentile range (80-85)??

Please do guide me as am really interested in the college...

I think you should apply to BHU. When the complete selection process is over and if you have final admission offers from more than one institute (including BHU) then only you can compare. It may also be possible that this year you score very good in CAT and get much better colleges. In this you everything will be cleared automatically once you will have final selection offer.
As far as rankings are concerned, it is not necessary that they are always accurate. so dont go purely on the basis of any ranking. Try to apply your intuition.... ATB
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plz help....
i have just managed 53% in my first 2 years of graduation. and i have a backlog in my 2nd year exams. now if i add the back paper marks my agg %age goes down to 49.6%... m i eligible to apply for fore..?? cat does not take the backlog paper marks into account... is it diff 4 fore..??
nd if u kno about other institutes plz lemme kno....
realy desperate... thanks in advance!!

To add what navstone has said. You should work hard in final year so that you can score more than 50 % overall. Because even in placements companies asks for min 50 %( some companies asks more than 50) marks. Also you have faith in yourself apply to some good institutes.
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how much does the dtudents profile matter in FORE?
as we have to fill in our achievments etc in the form??
is there a particular criteia?

Last year criteria were
CAT : 40 %
GD/PI : 35 %
Educational background and Work Ex : 25 %
Good profile may give you an advantage in PI as well as in Educational Background and work ex. You should be able to answer the questions related to what you have written in the form because some questions may be asked from your application form content. Also, do not forget to photo copy the filled form before sending it as it will be useful during your GD/PI preparation.
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What is the fees for FORE MBA program?? Hostel???

Course fee for 2009-11 is 6 lacs.
Hostel fee - 60,000 per annum
But it may change for 2010-12.
third mock in a row and a really bad score!
seems i m not made 4 cat!
r there any easy exams ?
smbdy pls tell me..............................................
or is there any easy way for not gettin ma life screwd!

Dont feel bad because of bad mock scores. Mocks are meant to enhance your test taking abilities. Generally mock scores are not reflected in your actual CAT score....So just make a doable plan for yourself and work on that. Plan well before you take a mock. and analyse every mock paper.
Try this at least twice and tell me whether you have improved your score or not...
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Hi there,

I want to know the average package going on in FSM core Mba as well as the IB one.....for the 2009 as well as 2010 batch....

the cut-off was 91 for General MBA and 87 for IB but can u say at wich percentiles the chances of converting are higher(keeping in mind gud GD and decent acads)
Also how would u rate the faculty in the college

The college website doesnot have any details about the placement figures...only a pdf was there ...but that also doesnt exist.

And also the cost of form is very high...:o

My acads:
B.Tech(ECE)-92.7 (rank 2)
Work-Ex:12 months (decent IT company)

You can check placement figure in the mandatory disclosure. As I have mentioned in earlier post there is no difference between PGDM and IB course as far as placements are concerned.
Most of the faculties at FORE are excellent.
In my class (PGDM) people have CAT score between 91.18 - 99.14 percentile. Final selection depend on the GD/PI performance.
So I would suggest you and all puys to focuss on CAT right now and try to score maximum.
Further if you want any kind of detail you can PM me.
my first query

About the PGDM course, we all are well aware of....

can you please throw some light on PGDM (IBM) course of FORE (its placement etc. ) .... because there are very few b-schools with specialized course in IB....

This will help us in deciding whether to apply for it or not ( depending on its alignment with our career goals)..

PGDM (IBM) is as good as PGDM. Once you are in FORE the two courses are never differentiated for faculties, placements etc. Both courses give you equal oppurtunities in future. Since PGDM (IBM) is a new course, its cut-off percentile is on lower side.
I suggest you to apply for both the courses.

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