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What you can'nt get in IIM-A

1) Wide variety of peer experiences
2) International students
3) A world class infrastructure (a la ISB)
4) International Faculty (if you are looking for it)
5) International placements
6) No specialised MBA, so more questions about post-grad roles/placements
7) No slogging/mugging

I dont know where you got these info. Please read the clarifications to the same in the same order.
1) We have students who hail different educational and pre-MBA career backgrounds such as Police, Armed Forces, Medicine, Law and the like. More than 50% of the batch are experienced. FYI, I am law graduate with 5 years of work-ex.
2) We have exchange programmes wherein 45-50 IIMA students go to foreign universities. An equal number of foreign students join IIMA too.
3) Come to IIMA and see the infra for yourself. I have been to ISB. ISB's main block is new. Our main buildings are old. Looks of the building need not necessarily translate into better or worse infra. Strictly, I dont see any correlation. BTW, hope you have seen ****'s stell and glass facades.
4) IIMA does have visiting faculty from abroad.
5) IIMA has had a long proud history of International Placements. If you are a regular reader of financial periodicals/dailies, you would know.
6) IIMA has a separate agribusiness programme. Apart from that, the rigorous and packed curriculum equips the students to master in a varied range of disciplines. And IIMA never claims to offer specialised MBA, but only general management. And IIMA is not a B-School, it is a mangement school (Hope you understood the difference)
7) IIMA teaches "no sweat no gain". And it works.

BTW I doubt that there would be anything different for PGPX at least for the first batch since this would be more or less experimental and IIMA would be wary of experimenting too much given that PGPX is still to be recevied by industry.....Remember ISB.. it had hard time selling its course in the first two years

I dont have any idea how PGPX was received by the industry. AFAIK, no research agencies have come up with any reports on the same. And I guess the PGPX programme wont be an experiment.

One request to Ketan, before offering expert opinion to the students on the forum, please verify your facts. Such things will not only increase your credibility, but raise the utility of the forum as well the students' gain.


this is news for me. IIMs charge Rs 6.10 for PGDBM ?? I thought it was much less. May be I am ignorant .

IIMA PGP fee is around Rs 4 L incl Food and Acco for those who gain admission thru CAT.
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desperado. Says
what book is this. coudnt find anything about it on the net?

Ben Graham? Well, there's book by him called "The Intelligent Investor" which you can get for Rs. 625 from a decent bookshop or for Rs 200 from the flea market. This book and the author had deeply influenced many investors, among them Warren Buffet, Walter Schloss and Eddie Lampert. His other books, 'Interpretation of Financial Statements ' and 'Security Analysis' are also rated well among the best in the fin realm. All three are must buys if you want to learn about investing and want to get on to investing in financial instruments.

No offence meant, But you may realise the superficiality of some statements made in this forum (Then,even many of the so called investment gurus have been proven wrong by the markets time and again)
suriya Says
Go for Beat the street by Peter Lynch

My humble opinion:
This book is highly avoidable unless you want some time pass. It pales before Ben Graham.
sda Says
Looks like U guys already in d process of ragging................hehehehe

Theres no ragging in IIM-A. So, rest assured.
Still waiting for invitaion for joining egroup. I think the egroup moderators are not able to ascertain the identity of all. Well, in case so the following may help........

Name (as in the CAT form) : Kunal Krishna
E-mail ID:
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All the pagals who are joining A, but have not yet been able to join the IIMA egroup, send the request by email with your full name and CAT details. the email address is devadaskrishnangmailcom or 4devadasiimahdernetin
NOOOO .. i dont think this could be fullform... i mean they know that they are globally a brand ... so why they would use in "WEST INDIA".....

Usually in casestudies, IIMA is referred to as WIMWI. Most of these cases were written in the 70s and 80s.
First Things First CONGRATS to all those who cracked IIM A.

- Geyser

Mannubhai geyser,
U forgot abt the Ossum Gawdlevel pantries we have in each dorm !!
And we have the cafe coffee day coming up soon.

2. i knwo a guy from IIMA who is willing to help out students selected fr IIMs in tehir first yr..he just graduated from IIMA n wd help us out with tips/basics/pointers fr esp 1st term which is most hectic.. this wd be good esp fr engrs who dont knwo much abt eco/business etc... bein a commerce student thruout.. im still gonna go fr it... anyone inetrested??

Dont worry too much about the queries on IIMA. since all the selected ones have been invited to join the egroup, you have the best bet to the answers for ur queries. You have 250 of your seniors always eager to help you out.

Congrats to all the pagal who have made it to IIMA this year.

Two very important things.
1. egroup invitation
2. Welcome party to you

An invitation to join the egroup has been sent to your email address. Accept the invitation and be a part of the Fuccha-Tuccha interaction that happens in the forum. You will be able to hear from all your dear seniors (unfortunatley many of them havent gone pagal )

Regarding the Welcome party, you will be contacted by some of your seniors specifying the venue, date and time. That will be your first chance to meet your would-be seniors in the physical realm.

Incase you havent got the invitation or are facing some other issues, pls mail me either to or