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Mine is a month old food blog where I blog about the food I cook along with the pictures..this is for the benefit of all those foodies,food lovers and bachelors and others who are trying out some experiments in their kitchen..:):)
Hope it benefits others in some way.I enjoy blogging and freak out on it..:)

Sailu's Food Blog

Here's a sample picture of one of the foods I blogged about ...
and guess what , all the pictures are taken by my nokia mobile cam..:) eh?

Like this thread a lot.Decided to add one line a day to this thread..:):)

"You can only make one success of yourself,but you can help make many successes by inspiring and encouraging others."

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Hap Hap Happy Birthyday......:):)
God Bless!
Wishing the year ahead to be much much better than 2005!

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Googled for 'good indian forums' and got here..:):)
I wish I found you guys earlier...:):)
Better late than never I guess..:):)

I thought it would be a nice idea to start a thread on the delicious food we eat each day it your own cooking,mom's,dad's,granny's or anyone for that matter,food eaten outside your home, maybe in a restaurant or dhaba,comfort food,street food,hostel food,macdonald's name it...anywhere.

Please do share you recipes and experiences.

Anyone like to share your favourite recipes..?your favourite food?your favourite restaurant..?

Anyone wants the recipe of a particular dish...?
We can discuss it all here in this thread..
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Watched 'Sholay' all time favorite movie.Can watch it again and again and again..:):)