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Suggestion for PG Meet

well there's a suggestion for the first PG meet...
it can be scheduled on 18th april..
time-4:00 p.m.
at Haldiram's(close to Rabindra Sadan metro and Exide crossing)

plz post ur replies and afformations for the meet..

i hav no probs either..
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activepagol Says
Then what to do??i mean i am not good in va and planning to join time,will it be a bad decision??Please reply.U can pm me.I want to join coaching institute in kolkata only.

it wont b a bad decision, as if u falter in VA ppl here are alwz there to help u out.
many a VA wiz is there in kolkata and u can hook onto them during the PG meets.. there are many ppl cracking CAT thru self study and puyhelp..

why cant u?

All the best

P.S. Sorry for a late reply
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s_k_ Says
hey..can this meet be arranged on any other day?

sure it can.. :cheerio:
suggest one..
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Hey puys lets meet this Sunday the 4th of April, 5.30pm sharp at Mani Square..
This place is selected as it would b a central juncture for both the south and north calcutta guys(or puys )..

The earlier we start the better it is.. Lets c how well it works out..

Be there..

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u're right first_timer lets decide a meeting date, probably some sunday evening and then lets c how many puys turn out..

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You can opt for TIME or CL.I personally took IMS classroom coaching for my first attempt and to be absolutely fair and honest,it sucked.The only saving grace was VA/RC.As for test series,2 test series are recommended.You can look into TIME,CL and IMS ones as per your choice.The test series of TIME is the best and the most preferred one.

All the best.

I had been to TIME last year. Did classroom classes. In my opinion TIME has real good faculty for QA and DI, bt believe me VA sucks. So act accordingly.

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Was searching for this blog, and here we got it..
The prometric guys helped me a lot get a super percentile in DI, which made all the calls possible and I am in for CAT 2010 preparation..
QA - 94%ile, VA - 93%ile, DI - 34.74%ile, OA - 86%ile :banghead:

Any second timers here? So we can probably meet up for group studies, share material, and get going with the mockcat analysis..

Lets rock into the IIMs this year..Whatsay guys?

Here goes the list of interested people for KOLKATA PG MEET put in ur name.I did the needful.;=en

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I just came appeared in here to start an official CAT 2010 preparation thread, and now it's here.. That's Uber Cool..

Anyone interested in a study group in Kolkata. please PM me. I am on for CAT 2010.
Seniors do keep by our side and 2010 aspirants let's rock into the IIMs this year..

Best of luck to myself and to all.

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i guess u made it..

nice song..

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