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i was @ 28 in the second list..from geo's post i assume that i may b @22 there any hope still left with less than a week to go?chances look very bleek.what are the other w/l to come out that might trigger some movement,if any?

he said" have to wait till the end like july 18th"

u mean june 18th,right?chances are looking really bleek now.
anyways,ATB to everyone.

so as and whn the 9th candidate withdraws,the wl 1 will get the confirmation and so on?i read in this thread previously that when candidates get confirmed they are intimated the same through email.

Da buffer is alwez dr wenever dy release a new list...
In the 1st release dy have 60 after dat 15 n after dat 7.
Even in the last release just before the classes commence dy have a buffer of 3 students dat is why dy have variable student strength every year(Its nt 120 every year)

does this mean that if 35 ppl withdraw their admission they are going to give calls to 27 ppl in the waitlist i.e waitlist moves by 27?

two and a half week's wait still left.we have been waiting for so much that 2.5 weeks wouldn't seem so is worth waiting for a institute like,people just hold your nerves and enjoy the ongoing events in life,for say-the ipl.after the end of the month,hope all of us get what we want.:wink:
ATB to everyone.:-)

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vamsisomesh Says
can you refer to last year thread and guess the chances....?

i'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best just like you hopes went high yesterday especially after the post from missprint.i just hope there are many ximb converts who have iim calls/in mdi wl/in xl wl/in nitie wl...etc.when iim results come out all waitlists will start moving not to mention the wl of ximb.i'm just praying that the number of overlaps increase this year.i don't want to predict anything,i'm just keeping my spirits high.:D.

as for the letter i sent,well,i didn't expect them to come up with a reply that i'm sure to get through.they cant give such words officially.but atleast they have cared to reply and mention that i have some chance,even if it's remote it's still a let's all hope for the best because there is nothing more we can do.hope both of us become future classmates.

i shot a mail to the admission office yesterday.

On 23/04/2008, Saikat Bose wrote: sir,
i'm currently waitlisted @28(originally @107).can you please comment on my chances based on past trends?can you give some idea about the possible date of declaration of the next list?
thanking you,
Saikat Bose.

this is the reply i got today
Re: query

Thursday, 24 April, 2008 3:28 PM

"Admission Office"

You have got remote chance of getting final selection, but below 50%. However, the final status can be known around 19th June. The list may be revised after about one month, depending on the number of cancellations taking place within this period.

AO, Admissions

i just hope i convert my remote chance.
ATB to all.:D


i've jumped from 107--->28
what are my chances?

for all those who have sent the dd via speed post/courier,is ximb sending any confirmation of receipt of the same via email or one has to find out by calling up the admission office.
one thanks from my side for the ones who reply..

updating the sheet

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