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All the best Dream Team :-) 

Best Regards


PG DT'08 


There are multiple panels. The evaluation process is however designed keeping this in mind, so won't matter much.

Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow completed its summer internship placements for the PGP class of 2012 with 417 offers from 151 companies. A slot-based process spread over 6 days was followed, with 123 of
Sahil Bansal @sahilbansal

@ Ankmbaa - Mck recruits for Consulting (~Strategy) - same across IIMs A,B,C,L. @ ekanshtiwari - Engineers won't really be effected by the change in marks distribution. Increase in CAT weightage more than makes up for it. What might change would be the average workex. @ Tamal Pal - IIML batches have an average workex of about 4 years. So some people choose to go back to their own domain/company or find something more relevant for their workex. Placing 20 more wasn't an issue if thats what you are concerned about. Mean / Median salary for summers ? (btw IIML as a policy doesn't disclose salary figures).

Bingo !!

8th / 15th shall do I guess. I'll try making it in case I am not caught up with some submission.

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Wow Dream Team 2010 - Two years have passed already since I was part of this. Feeling really nostalgic about it. Cat Prep is any day better than a B-school

Best wishes from my side to all the Cat aspirants and to be Dream Team members. Do feel free to reach out in case you need any help.

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Happy B'day Rahul "Networked" Sangal. Hope you network some more with the right sect.

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hi all,

Please validate if the format of the following questions is not vague, etc.etc..and will seek a reply from the concerned stakeholders..

Q1. What is the number of general candidates in the PGP 2009-2011 batch?

Q2. How many general seats have been offered in the PGP 2010-2012 program and how many final offers under general category have been made as per the final result declared on 28th April 2010?

Q3. If there has been a reduction in the number of general seats offered for the academic batch 2010-2012 from the number of general seats that already exist in the academic batch 2009-2011, please explain the reason for it?

Q4. What is the latest (as on the date of dispatching the RTI reply) number of general category candidates for PGP 2010-2012 that have accepted the final offer?

Q5. What is the latest (as on the date of dispatching the RTI reply) number of general category seats for PGP 2010-2012 that are vacant?


Remember the fact PGP means just PGP course. Batch of 2010-2012 also includes ABM. So you can send the RTI query accordingly.
blacof Says
Hey Sahil these are the numbers for you batch ? Also what % of your batch was GEN cat

These are numbers of your batch. Our batch had around 370 total. Also the quota implemented then was lesser (prob 18% for OBC). You'll need to dig out some old documents to find the exact figures.

Guys....clarification :

We have 3 programs:

PGP - ~ 370 seats.
ABM - 30-35 seats
FPM - 15-20 seats

So the general category seats you mention are 50.5% of the PGP seats. Note that reducing general category seats is not a mandate of the OBC quote implementation. That is over and above the existing seats.

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Thanks all for the wishes.

Had a wonderful B'day even outside college thanks to Harsh (Made_for_iims) who ensured that I dont get away without the bumps and the cake.

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