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yeppie got thru... congrats to all those who have made it!!!!


D_1 could you pls quote the entire maill.. Sorry for being a bit suspicious but pls do it!!! No offence intended!!!!!

Congrats to all those who made it thru... All the best.. lets just wait for the offer letter to come !!!!!!

6th March

Course applied for : (BM or PMIR) BM

Educational Profile:
X: 88.26
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 8.54
Any other professional certification or course undertaken:

XAT percentile: 99.93

Work profile (if applicable): 4 months
Number of years: Sector/Industry: education industry(TIME)
Special achievements at work: not much
Other differentiating factors (anything great that you have done in life, that's out of the ordinary): none

GD Topic: Number of participants:
Panelists' intro (if possible): A K Pani, uday damodaran, MS
Duration: 25 mins

PI Questions:
I had stone pain so i requested them to advance my interview by two hours, which they agreed to immediately.

Q- How many of your friends are there at XLRI?
A- Gave 7-8 names.. said more are there..

Q- So you did everything at TIME from teaching to operations?
Ans- Gave an answer, small team, grievances of students, channelising them.

Q- How can you apply this to XLRI.
A- Sir students at XLRI are satisfied. Gave many examples. So you dunt need to apply that.

Q- So you want to get into Food Processing?
A- Yes, gave some idea what i wanted to do. Some discussion for 4-5 minutes.. with questions like what would be challenges you are going to face, competitors, how would you market etc..

Q- Other players?
A- ITC e-choupal

Q- Market covered by them?
A- I said i dint know exact values but yes gave a rough idea of demand available in market. Told about some foreign players too.

{Out of blue questions}
Q-Which is heart of India?( possibly related to M.P., but I thought it was related to my stone)
A- Different hearts on different parameters like
Financial Heart- Mumbai,
Religious heart- Varanasi, rishikesh, Haridwar,
Tourist heart- North east, J&K.;

Q- Which would be brain?
A- Delhi as it has all policy makers..

Q- Which would be kidney?
A- gave a round about answer like it is filtering organ and all and later said UP as kidney as people use UP as platform and then move on outside for self development.

Q- Which would be appendix?
A- I said appendix is a vestigial organ and when properly channelised every state can be utilised in some or other way. Gave some examples.
{ They bursted into laughter, I was shocked , ye kia ho raha hai.. }

Q- Interview almost got over but then they asked me what is organic food.
A- I said I don't know the term. guessed but not to the point. Still I said I would learn more in next two years.

{Again back to blue questions. }
Q- What is your weight?
A- Answered 57 kg..

Q- height?
A- 6 feet

Q- As per BMI what should be your weight?
A-72 approx, underweight by 15 kg

Q- When you can not manage your food habits, how can you manage others?
A- Answered

Q- If you want to gain food, eat organic food.
A- I will enquire more and will definitely eat.

Courtesies exchanged..
Wished me luck..

Pls any comments on this interview... pls pls pls...


Hi some one pls check .. that link is not opening up.. Thanks in advance...

nice forum..

Over all- 99.68 :look round:
Verbal- 92.1


Work ex- 4 months at time of filling form..

No call!!!!!!! woooaaaahhhh.. nice but i will be back i know that....


i called IIM-K.. A lady politely said my name is not in the list and asked me to stay in touch of the website..
despite 88.26-X
99.68-OA cat %ile..
I am not thru:banghead::banghead::banghead:

My parents are asking me sahi mein 99.68 hain na... kahin tune daaru ciggy nahi na pee li (they know that i dunt drink or smoke) .. man i am gone.. despite scoring gud in CAT-09-10 ( sectionals 92.1,99.XX,99.XX) , class X, class XII and grad.. all 85% +... i am unable to manage even a single call..

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TIME has IIM Workshop on 6th and 7th.. what to do now for those who are expecting it from IIM-Indore...

Everything in the world seems to conspire against me, but I am sure of fighting all odds.

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@ vaibhav
dude you missed work ex.. How do you expect to get calls without work ex... this is really bad... .

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