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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Shweta, with her children_ Update: Shweta Mallick has sent a response. It is at the end of the article. The hand that rocks the cradle can also burn the midnight oil, when project-work or assignments have to be submit

Dear Shweta Mallick,

I feel you deserve a standing ovation and I really mean that. You have proved your mettle and has got a rightful seat in IIM Raipur.

These worthless human beings who were criticizing you and poking their dirty noses in your personal life , are better to be ignored. I believe they can never dream of achieving of what you have achieved.

So my advice to you to just ignore these nincompoops and set more glorified examples in front of these goal driven failed souls.

I have a query regarding the graduation percentage. My university provides both marks as well as CGPA.Now if I consdier my CGPA it is coming coming around 8.89 out of 10.But considering the simple averge of marks I am having 82%.

Which score should I give in the form? Can anybody help me out?


Can anyone elaborate the Group interview process? It will be really helpful.


I got an admission offer from IIM Indore EPGP. If any current student can furnish the following facts, Iwill be grateful

1.How amy people from current batch got placed?
2. How many people are still to be placed?
3. What is the average package of the people placed?
4. For people who are not placed, can they get placement assistance once the course is over?
5.What are the companies (the explicit names are not required, their respective sectors will be good enough) that have selected the people?
6.For people who are yet to get placement ( I am sure they will land up very lucrative job),have they been offered any job which they have rejected?(Because may be the roles and responsibilities offered to them were not mathching their expectation)

Is there any news when the list of the candidates selected for interview will be released?


Somebody has posted that the results have been declared.Has the final results been declared? The website is only showing the interview offers.


Will there be any essay writing exercise like the 2 year PGP ?

Congrats to all call getters.I got a call too.

Can anyone please elaborate

1. How many people got the call?
2. Some set of sample questions ( specific to the executive course)
3. Documnts to be carried for the interview

Hi , following are my queries

In the current batch what is the lowest XAT score ?

Is there any section cutoff for different sections in XAT?

How many people generally get selected using thier XAT score compared to other exam scores such as CAT score or GMAT score?


I am facing a kind of odd situation.

I have 5+ yeras of experience in consulting .I have for the first time in my life sat for CAT and XAT. I have been selected in an institute for a regular 2 years course.However I am highly motivated to join the one yerr course of SP Jain.

If I accept the offer from the institute, I will have to join the institute in mid of June. As far as I know the interview is scheduled in July.

If I join the 2 year course, then will it be difficult to get into this coveted PGPM couse? Seniors please reply.