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thnks puyss

hi puys, its 5th may and still i didnt receive my offer letter.. my frnd got it day before yesterday .. can anyne pls tell thru which courier it was sent.. am from pondicherry.. so tht i could call them and ask ... help me out..

PS: OBC rank 13

results out.. not converted... atb for others

what the hell............. they have made it tomo.. check ime website.. 3rd may

diwya Says
Could you please tell me if u had taken any cv/resume with you?? Apart from the documents do we need to download any form, fill it and bring to the centre..??

no.. but i would suggest take all you extra curricular certificates that u have..
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so to say.. it was not a PI.. it was document verification stage 2 by faculties

mine was 80 % in engineering.. and ya.. there would be a rough sheet.. you have to note down the points and leave the paper there.. no summary and all.. and remember they are very sharp with timings

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Hi everyone.. let me be the first to tell my interview experience
Slot : 30th March, 8 AM
CAT : 88.93 ( NC OBC )
Work ex : Nil ( Fresher from IT background )
Ok lets go.. reached IIT Kanpur.. went straight to HALL VIII.. got accommodation.. a dorm type.. with ten sharing.. later shifted to an apartment like.. 5 together.. hospitality could have been better .. but since we were the first lot, we understood their difficulty.. things were fine.. got frnds.. rohit, mohit, eshanth, guna, gautham.. all in my room.. the food at IIT K, excellent yaarrr :grin: .. but couldn find the environment lively during late evening.. :nono: but infra wise, superb.. awesome.. all were just brushing up technical.. myself just idle.. surfing..
Initial formalities :
Cabs were arranged for us.. anytime call any senior.. they are very helpful.. reached the dept.. amazing infrastructure.. should study here we were given batches and numbers.. then we went for document verification by seniors..
Topic : a caselet type.. regarding performance evaluation in organisation
12 of us in a batch.. I was 11th.. they gave 5 min to go through the caselet.. then we were called randomnly to speak for 90 seconds.. I had good points.. then GD was open for 5 min ( very very low, spoke only once).. it was over fine. Then had some chat with frnds..
PI :
PI was of huge surprise.. I will call it as TECHNICAL DOCUMENT VERFICATION.. they didnt even ask a single question.. just took the file.. checked whether all the documents are correct.. thats all u can leave.. for everyone they did the same.. my god.. I travelled for two days from Pondicherry just for this.. but was relaxed.. went in.. still I made him tensed. I left my call letter outside.. he got a bit angry.. sorry seniors.. was ma fault:banghead::banghead:.. but later it didnt become a mess went on fine..
Came back had a good lunch.. now still here at IIT K.. gonna leave shortly to lucknow for my train to Chennai at 8 PM.. miss the campus.. miss the friends I got here.. seniors were jovial.. had a nice time here.. hope this information regarding PI is useful for other batches.. stay chill.. GD is everything.. do it well.. :cheers:


19th in OBC list.. both MIB and MHROD.. may i know the exact number of seats in all categories..

SLOT : March 16th 9 AM , Chennai
CAT score : 88.93
X score : 93.2
XII score : 92.6
Work ex : NIL


Went there at around 8: 20.. nearly 17 of them were there.. as time went on it reached around 30:banghead:. TAPMI people came .. gave some intro about the college and asked us to get ready with their certificates no originals is required.. TAPMI appln form, CAT score card, mark sheets, work ex, ID proof, foto.. if u have rescheduled the slot, take the mail confirmation later we were divided into groups of two.. mine had 12 I think..greatly organised by TAPMI..:clap:

GD: Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid is just a myth
Had a good discussion.. not a fish market kind.. everyone had a chance to continue.. panel members just asked us to start.. they will never interfere in the GD and its totally upto us.. so nice from a member in our group coz he said( after some 13-14 min of GD), lets sum up so that each of us will talk about the topic in two lines.. that was nice so that everyone can share their ideas.:.
GD was over.. panel members went out and I started to ask everyone to intro themselves.. we had some fun meanwhile panel members came and rejected two of us.. no idea why.. but they have their own criteria.. thts it..

PI :
I was the first one to be interviewed..
Tell me abt urself ?
Why MBA before work ex ?
What plans after MBA ?
What kinda entrepreneurship you like? how ?
You have TCS job and TAPMI interview which you prefer and why ?
You have a Mtech and MBA , which u prefer and why ?
Justify y u wanna become a manager ?
Apart from your leadership what qualities do u have ?
Explain your GD topic ?
What current business news you know ?
Tell about your engineering field ( IT ) and some news about it
What do you think of the railway budget ?
What do you think of the budget that is gonna be released today ? which field will have a change ?
Ok thank you

PI went on very well.. they test you from A to Z.. made a mistake.. the panel was gonna take something.. I thought he is gonna shake hands with me and I gave my hand.. but he wasnt.. but hey never mind and we shook hands.. thts it.. overall it was very good.. entire process takes 2-3 hours.. very well planned and scheduled by TAPMI..