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Vinesh,Pls check mine too



Allwin Agnel @pagalguy
IIM A : , IIM A's shortlisting criteria: IIM C PGDM:
Narayanan N @saawariya4

Somebody pls. check my scores - SR6719370

Can Somebody check my score please -


Well.. what a mock..
Scaled score - 365.89
AIR - 2
City rank - 1
City rank 1 in VA as well ..:p , and/but 6 in QA

Pls post your original sectional scores.


Got Some insight in Normalization.

Total Raw Score:128,but rank only 17.:-(

Because I had poor accuracy in Quant

QA:14C 6W 36 95.94:-(

whereas varun.joka has higher sectional score than me even though his raw score is less than mine.

Deduction-Either Accuracy is more important than raw score or I had screwed the Anchor Qns.I think it is the latter.Also,has anybody scored a higher raw score than me?


Can seniors tell me,how the salary is remitted ? ie are we paid in cash or do we need to open a bank account? If yes,which bank?

AIMCAT 1110 Results will be out tommorrow by 8pm.

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Actually i registered for CAT 2010. the problem is i wrote a spelling mistake in FULL NAME. So, is there a way to edit it. i've checked in site in the edit option but its not being edited. So guys please help me out.
Thanks in advance

Oops,your name and username are not changeable as per registration guide.There is negligible chance of this rule getting changed.So,you may have to buy a new voucher.
I have got this doubt. It may sound weird. I am not free this whole week and have planned to buy the form this weekend. Is it to late...? I got an info from my friend that when he was trying to fix a slot for Nov 14, the slots were already full.:-(

Ok, there may be a possibility that i may not get the desired slot due the large number of applicants. Is it guaranteed that every one who submits the form would be able to write the exam(Assuming that registration and all procedures are successful)...??

Please explain this........:-(

20 days.....40 slots....9000 systems per slot.Hence 3,60,000 seats available.Therefore you will be able to give the test even if you book on sep 30 which is last day...but then...only centres like guwahati,shillong etc may be available which may be far off from your place.The availabilty at your city depends on number of centers and no. of areas for which these are the nearest choose accordingly.

I saw the image.But,what I fail to understand is how to draw those lines?
ie,how did you distribute 36 from bottom and 40 from top in the third line? etc.

I do realize that we are trying to minimize the common region,but I am not able to 'break' the lines properly.

Please explain.


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