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Hi Guys,

I am giving L3 in June 2013 and wanted an urgent help! I am trying to just cover the portion once but I am really struggling in it. Even though I had lots of time this time, still I did not start on time and now I am really struggling. The portion is too much and I am not able to remember much of what I read. Studying from Schweser notes in L3 is really tough.

Does someone have Secret Sauce for L3? I did not get this from Laxmi book store from where I usually buy my books.

I have not studied anything related to CA so cannot comment on it. But in my opinion, CFA includes more of accounting wherehas in CA Tax is given greater importance. This is what people tell me. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Well you should not follow the study habits I followed. I cleared CFA L1 in December 2011 - results of which came out in Jan 2012. I did not register for L2 straight away because of several reasons (general laziness/not sure whether I will be able to prepare or not).

In 1st week of March I registered for June L2. So theoritically I just had 3 months. Note that that I literally struggled to finish the portion. I had not practised many questions so was a little short on confidence. It is possible that me working in Equity Research helped me in understanding certain topics quickly. But 3 months is surely not enough for a working professional. Studying on weekends can be really painful.

Cleared L2!! Feel so happy. I have heard that L2 is the toughest of all 3 levels (in terms of length and breadth of syllabus). Is it? Anybody registered for L3 yet?

July 26/July 27 was the date told me many people. Results usually come at around 9 am NY time.

thanks a lot for the reply.. but just wanted to it enuf if i do only the reading part....coz i know taking up any practise exams or mock will just discourage me frm going i m planning to just study the syllabus and give up d exam as it comes without any paper solving it a good strategy to go for the L2 exam?? coz ppl mostly say u shud practise more than u study....but i just cant do the same..

Thanks a ton in advance..!!

First thing - You are not the only one in this situation. I am too - and couple of my friends too. You should not think that you are the only one in mess. There is no reason to panic - Just try to revise all the material once. You have to try to solve questions. Just reading the material will not do - It might have worked in L1 but not in L2. If possible take leave from work and try to solve papers.
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Hi, my strategy has been to cover one formula based and one theory based topic to avoid overload and confusion. My suggestion is you can pick up ethics for now as its important and would be quick. Or else you can try economic. You can come back to FRA later.

I have completed one reading of FRA - the complexity of FRA is not because the level of material is tough to understand but because of its sheer formulas and rules which are not intuitive. On almost every page you will have IFRS and GAAP distinction which was really frustrating. Anyways if its difficult for me its the same for everyone else.

I was about to start with Corporate Finance (I am going book wise following Schweser). How much have you completed?

I have read Equity book. I am almost done with FRA (will be able to read it atleast once by this week). The problem is I do not remember anything. I have understood the concept but I do not remember all the formulas. FRA is damn tough - Only the tough parts of L1 have been carried over to L2. I read one chapter in the morning and by evening I forget everything. I think FRA will need more than one revision. I am thinking what to start next...Any suggestions?

Il be starting self study from March 14 Wednesday. I may join a 6day crash course towards the end of April/begining of May depending on my level of prep.

Pl share your thoughts and strategy as well. Thanks

Just wanted to know whether you have already started preparing or will be starting from March 14? I am also a late comer and have just started preparing. Just wanted to know how you are preparing given such a short span of time. I have started with Equity from Schweser. After that I am planning to study Alternative Investments from CFA book and then Derivatives. These two topics are my weak spots as I really struggle to understand them quickly. Let me know how you are planning to prepare.
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Few questions: Am I really stupid to register so late? Is it feasible to prepare for L2 is such short time? Any advice will be helpful.

Let me answer your first question first (since you have asked it and may be waiting for some answer!). Yes and No.

Thanks a lot bro! I really appreciate you writing this! It would actually be stupid now to doubt my decision after registering for it. Now what I can do is focus on strategy and stick to it, which is the right thing to do.