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abhinav pandey @panbhi
Hi , can anyone suggest how to improve my VA score ......Getting 96+ %le in QA , m facing difficulties in improving my VA score stuck around 55-75 %le . M really getting worried as well as feeling tensed over this. Please help and suggest some tips .
Vishwas @s_vishwas

If LR is your strong area then start with them or else VA, LR then RC would be better I guess

Potassium Permanganate @ryanryker077
All plants have chlorophyll. All plants have leaves. Some leaves have chlorophyll. Is this a valid syllogism? With explanation reply-
rohitpal Says
Anil and Dheeraj run a 4 km race on a circular course 400 m long in the same direction. If their speeds are in the ratio of 4:1, how many times does Anil pass Dheera

The ans is 8 according to me.. Is it right?