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anyone going for Pune Campus? Guys the classes will even start there or no as no notification yet...Looks like our future is doomed.

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I hope there are people joining the Pune campus. People joining the Pune Campus Plz reply and lets count how many are registered on pagal guy or are on orkut.

i am from commerce background... good in accounts and stats but maths is a big problem for me... can u tell if maths is very much important in management and what all can i prepare before joining kiams......

one more query.... are there any specifications for laptops... any make or something or we can buy whichever i want.... i know silly query

I am not good in accounts and stats as I come from Engineering background. Plz suggest me what stuff I shud prepare for before the classes start at Kiams
Debasish6967 Says
the room allocation list won't probabaly come up so soon...expected on the 29th of june, as we, the seniors will be on the campus from 15th of june...so the room allocation will be done accordingly

Can you provide some info abt the Pune Campus. Do they have hostel facility over there
panzerborne Says
you are welcome

Thanks :clap:

I will also join the Kiams community at orkut soon

haha me too
jhey manu and sarthi join comm in orkut we can intract there and share our opinion on more personal level hehe

Anyone joining Pune Campus...
Is der any1 who has canceled his admission and received the fees back? I had canceled my admission to ITM-NM(PGDM) on 7th of april...
If not when can we expect to get the money back and also do we personally have to go to the campus or they mail is a cheque/DD??

@swapn, can you tell me how you applied for refund. Was it through email? I am also applying for refund from ITM NM PGDM Program. Are you sure we will get back our refund . Thanks :clap:

yes try calling at one of these numbers (08192) 241269,241483,241486 and give your application ID and ask your status

yes try calling at one of these numbers (08192) 241269,241483,241486 and give your application ID and as your status