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Dude ,
This has been a tradition at tapmi since its establishment and yes there is no way u can attend the GD/PI except manipal. You will have to come here if u are short listed and chennai is not very far off.

Here at Tapmi they feel that u should see what tapmi is all about before joining it!!! hope i make myself clear.

Correction: Except for one year, that was for the current PGP 2 batch. But the management felt that it should stick to the tradition of inviting all the candidates to Manipal, hence it was decided to conduct GD/PIs ONLY in Manipal thenceforth.

Take it from me, one of the best things Tapmi offers you during the two year stay there is undoubtedly the place - Manipal!! But yes, there are people who find it 'not-of-my-kind' or 'not-meant-for-MBA'. Anyway, its not a bad idea afterall, to see the place where you could possibly be spending two years of your life.

Hey Kiran,
To clarify most of the big state and national banks offer loans for Tapmi....It is well recognized with all major banks. Though what u should look for is lower rate of interests where i feel Bank of Baroda, State bank of travancore have an edge over banks like state bank of india.
In short no problems in getting loans.

There are some institutes which has got special tie-ups with certain banks from whom you can avail Edu-Loans at 'special rates'. But as far as I know, Tapmi doesn't have any such sort of tie-ups. But as Kush has already pointed out, Tapmi does feature in the 'recognized institute lists' of almost all the major banks and you can take advantage of that.

Kush and gang, good work guys, keep going !!

Uh oh....!!

Well... its a tough thing to be referred as an 'oldie'... !! But yea, gotta face the facts of life :(

Moi landed on PaGaL-Land quite some time back, on 6'th December 2004 to be exact. So, count me in too... !!

I think some names are worth mentioning here, like that of Moonstruck aka Nikhil, Shubham etc. ..... And what about Wayne, he is there on Orkut, yea. But here, is he still alive ??

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MMHRoTD Dude !! 've a Blast !!

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Dear Wayne....
've a blast and a wonderful year ahead !!
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Hi, this is Manish from Chandigarh, I am going to join TAPMI this yr, so can any senior tell me that if we at TAPMI have some collaboration to buy Laptops at bulk, at discounted rates n (if we do) how much it costed last yr.
Any body from Chandigarh joining TAPMI do contact me.
Any senior who can help me with the regular (daily) schedule of the TAPMI.

Welcome Manish !! You're a bit late. Come join your seniors and peers at http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/tapmi2008/. Your queries are answered more than once there.

Even though I booked this place, on second thoughts, I feel so much out of place. Hence I abstained from voting. Sorry for wasting the space.

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Scariest: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Violent: Saw 1 & 2

I think I've come across many other in the same genre, but these being the latest, let'm be there.

Oh My God,

So DesiGuru is born !!! I thought he was just dropped from the heavens on fine day (Atleast on your birthday (allegedly) lemme pull your legs.)

So many many happy returns of the day dude (assumed) !!

've a blast !!

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yeah plzz seniors ... some info wud be highly appreciated.

btw, hv ur summers started?

We understand that you're eagerly looking forward for a second list. But unfortunately we seniors are not in a position to tell you whether that is released or not. All of us are away from the institute doing our summers. So please call up the institute and place your queries. Meanwhile if we come to know about the release of a second list, we'll definitely let you know at the earliest.