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Hey Palz..belated happy birthday..have a greta year ahead

Hey Grond...belated happy birthday wishes.have a rocking year ahead

Hey Zarine,wish you many happy returns of the day

hey gals.........
plz send me a invitation so dat i would be a part of dis pagalgal......


See my reply above

For invites PM any existing PGG member with your email address
mylilolself Says
hi,would like to join pagalgirl!

PM me your email address.Will send over the invite

.... first few seconds when i see a beautiful woman is 'utilised'! guess of her ...'real 'age............

What 's age got to do with it?
komal1 Says
or u have stopped sending invite to more ppl

PM me your email ID for the invite.In case u dont get it fast enough follow up through PM rather than spamming the thread

It's a bit too much to generalize that all women take undue advantage of 'privileges'. I've never seen a separate queue for women for buying local train tickets. True,there are separate queues for long distance travel reservation,but isn't that a good thing?? The line would move much faster
Also while travelling by buses,girls do offer seats to senior citizens and disabled people.Again,people do prefer to turn a blind eye to people who actually need seats.That attitude is not restricted to any one gender
As for having reserved setas in buses and trains,maybe some genius should play Tootsie for a day and find out for himself

There's already a thread on this old one though

N then therz this ad bout some suitings n all... wher that female takes helluva time gettin ready.. n later seein da guy so impeccably dressed asks fer some more time... really like her expression... ads ok though..!!!


The thing I don't like about these ads is there is always a stereotype of a female taking time to dress and trying to match up to the macho guy's style